From a Cabby to a Bellboy: Chow Yun-fat’s Journey to Success

This is one actor who experienced a pretty tough life to becoming famous and rich. Well, that is how life can turn out for people who are focused with determination to succeed irrespective of their backgrounds. Born 18 May 1955 in Lamma Island, Hong Kong, to a mother who was a cleaning lady and vegetable […]

Sydney Leroux: An Inspiration for Biracial Children to Pursue their Dreams

Sydney Leroux is a Canadian-born professional American soccer player. An Olympic gold medalist and 2015 FIFA World Cup winner, Leroux attended Johnston Heights Secondary School in Surrey where she mainly focused on soccer, but also in track and field. After winning numerous soccer championships throughout high school, Sydney eventually became the youngest player to ever […]

The Mohallim Sisters: Taking their Mataano Fashion Label to Grand Heights

Self-belief, ambition, inspiration, are hallmarks of exceptional people who court success and which bring fame in its wake. The story of the Mhalli sisters is a motivating one enriched with valuable resources to empower women. The Mohallim sisters are twins – Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim – who were born in the United States, but raised […]

Kindell Keyes: Thrift Store Manager who Returned Purse filled with over $39,000

There are defining moments in life when it seems as if the universe is testing you. Kindell Keyes is an assistant manager at thrift store at Goodwill’s Long Island City who may have experienced such a moment when she found a donated purse filled with over $39,000 last summer. It’s a story of good heartedness, […]

John Grisham Rode on Failure to Become a Bestselling Author

Whoever told you that you only have to write a good book lied to you. Whoever told it was easy and smooth also wasn’t truthful. Things will never be smooth and you won’t succeed without coming across failure once in a while. But truth remains that you will succeed only if you don’t give up […]

Kanye West Set to Write Song on North Korea at Dennis Rodman’s Invitation

Retired NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman is planning a meeting between rapper Kanye West to Kim Jong Un so he can write a song about North Korea. A long-time friend of the North Korean leader, Rodman, 57, is one of the few Westerners to have met the North Korean dictator and regularly visited the secretive, […]