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"My songs are satiric in nature so for me to serve them I need to bring them to life with drama and embellish it with dance." In just about two wee [...]
“Even without sight there is still vision” goes a famous saying. Losing one’s pair of eyes is a difficult cross to bear but it does not mean that visu [...]
Twenty one days have passed since that infamous ban on beauty enhancement imposed on female Members of Parliament. Speaker of the Tanzanian Parliament [...]
Elizabeth Rukidi Nyabongo Bagaaya, the princess of Toro in Western Uganda is well-known for her career in modelling and acting in Europe and America a [...]
At the turn off the 18th century, slavery had become a vibrant business for many European merchants in Africa. Strong Men and women were captured agai [...]
Classic diva! Janet Jackson managed to steal the show at the Global Citizen Festival thanks to an energetic routine and one of her amazing outfits.The [...]
Former beauty queen and widow of late warlord, Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, is set to battle for the APGS senatorial ticket with [...]
Nigerians have been advised to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, properly manage such diseases as hypertension and diabetes, eat healthy foods with [...]
Shoki Mokgapa, a 34-year-old South African actress, has reportedly committed suicide after a long battle with clinical depression. The actress who [...]
For the first time in history, a bkack man has been elected into the Italian parliament and he is no other than Nigerian Toni Iwobi. Mr Iwobi met wit [...]
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