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The 2019 edition of the One Young World Art Fellowship is scheduled to hold in London, with one full month residency in France. The world of today [...]
Kurtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent has confirmed the series Power is not going to end with season 6 as was earlier concluded, giving reasons it has to be so [...]
Researchers from Australia say cell phones might be the reason young adults are developing “enlarged external occipital protuberance” (EEOP). The occ [...]
Following US President Donald Trump's directive ordering NASA to prepare to return astronauts to the Moon followed by human missions to Mars and othe [...]
A fifth-grade teacher at Carver Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia named Robert Dunham is being celebrated for creating a memorable day for his [...]
South African reggae band Zionruts Family alongside Mozambican musician Ras Soto has both collaborated to release a new song titled ‘Let It Be’. Acco [...]
Funk music legend George Clinton, Doug E. Fresh and Gloria Gaynor were honored by The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) on Thursday. [...]
Since 1958, Baylor College of Medicine’s neurosurgeon residency has been created as an accredited program, but not until 61 years later that a Black [...]
Rejection is part of what life has to offer. Few experience rejection at the peak of the career and took the advice of experts which has forced them [...]
Zimbabwe has banned the use of the dollar, pounds sterling, and several other foreign currencies for transactions in the country. This was made known [...]
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