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Energy drinks are not food. The Food & Drug Administration regulates all products defined as food to ensure they’re safe for human consumption. F [...]
Nancy Green was a storyteller, cook, activist, and the first of several African-American models hired to promote a corporate trademark known as "Aunt [...]
Also, they claimed that the babies were not hurt. But those were just false accounts in a bid to hide their heinous crimes. Which sane mother would a [...]
A Greek philosopher, Herodotus - also known as the father of history - once said that “a man who does not know anything about the events that took pl [...]
The wisdom, intelligence, and ingenuity that Africans possess have always been trampled upon by Euro-centric narrators of history. Over time, they ha [...]
Abeto Menelik-Sahle Maryam of Ethiopia is the greatest figure of resistance against colonial invasion in Africa. Thanks to this African legend, Ethio [...]
The only passenger in the ship was Robert Stubbs, a former captain of slave ships who was appointed by the African Committee of the Royal African Com [...]
After World War II, life in Tennessee began to change dramatically. Technology changed and increased wealth, day-to-day life was very different than [...]
The Zong massacre was the mass killing of more than 120 African slaves by the crew of the British slave ship Zong on and in the days following 29th o [...]
Under segregation, a person (of color) could be accused of “reckless eyeballing,” which means an improper look at a white person. Under the circumsta [...]
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