Norwell Roberts faced unprecedented prejudice as the first black police officer in London

Norwell Roberts

The level of racial discrimination in the 60’s across Europe is better remembered for perhaps enlightening and scholarly purposes. Even until this day the issue of racial discrimination, especially against blacks is a sad part of human history, always eliciting a certain admixture of feelings amongst those who have always been at the receiving end. […]

Do you know that a black man invented the digital Cell Phone?

Cell Phone

Many Africans have been brainwashed into believing that the mobile phone was invented by Europeans. But the truth is that it was not. It should be noted that Africans and more importantly all Black people globally are not inferior or technologically backward. The invention of the digital cell phone by a Black man named Jesse […]

How the cells of Afro-American woman was stolen and recreated to make polio vaccine

polio vaccine

There are several stories about Africa and its contributions to humanity that historians have forgotten or presume not worth sharing.  In spite of Africa’s contribution to technology, medicine, science, architecture and other fields of human endeavor, adequate or commensurate recognition has hardly been accorded the continent in that regard. One outstanding feat, which would speak […]

New women’s half-marathon world record set by Ethiopia’s Arabel Yeshaneh


A new world record has been set in the women’s half-marathon  by Ethiopian Ababel Birhane Yeshaneh in the women’s half-marathon at the 2020 RAK Half Marathon in the United Arab Emirates. Yeshaneh won the race in a world record of one hour, four minutes and 31 seconds on Friday to topple the previous record set […]

Slave girl Sally Hemings bore U.S. president Thomas Jefferson 6 children 


It is not a hidden fact that slave masters often had affairs with their female slaves. This was the case with  Sarah “Sally” Hemings; a slave owned by President Thomas Jefferson through an inheritance of his wife, Martha Jefferson. Although they were never married, Hemings bore six children with Jefferson, four lived until they were […]