November 24, 2020

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Sudan, Egypt and Burkina Faso Celebrate African Culture

The African continent is home to beautiful landscapes and a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The wealth of the African culture is well rooted in its varied languages, ethnic groups and tribes whose influences is a dominant force in the way of life of its people. From the Zulu culture in Southern Africa to Karo and Himba in East Africa, Yoruba in the western region, the Masai, Psan, these cultures find expression in art, festivals, food, dance, music and movies which also serve as tourist attraction destinations to the world.

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Technology meets Education in Ghana

The Mastercard Foundation has teamed up with United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF to rescue the disruption of schooling activities in Ghana by providing excellent and all inclusive learning prospects to more than nine million children in the country.

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Famed Basketball Player, Oscar Robertson was born

Famed American Basketball Player, NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Winner, Oscar Robertson had a career that spanned 14 years during which he played for the Cincinnati Royals between 1960 and 1970 as well as the Milwaukee Bucks between 1970 and 1974. His career statistics in the NBA is put at 26,710 points, 7,804 rebounds and 9,887 assists. He was also a part of the Olympic team that won Gold in Rome 1960.

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