81-year-old woman survives Coronavirus within 11days

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Aged people have been medically proven to be more susceptible to coronavirus as well as those with underlying health situations, since the outbreak of the disease. According to doctors, their chances of survival are decimated by the fact that their respiratory systems are too weak to fight the virus.

An exception to that case however is an 81-year-old grandmother from South Carolina Louise Beal, who has recovered from deadly virus after 11 days of fighting the disease. The patient has been released from Trident Medical Center in Charleston where she was being treated.

Speaking after her discharge, Beal said “This sickness right here? I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

Beal began feeling ill after returning from New York to visit her relatives. She was admitted to the hospital tested positive for coronavirus. In no time her condition worsened.

Her family began to worry when she started “instructing us on what to do in case of her demise, which really threw us for a loop,” her daughter, Shenae Taylor, said. “My mom’s a fighter, so the fact that she wanted to give up really scared us.”

Beale further said that she thought she won’t make it anymore and just give up, but she somehow found inspiration to keep fighting.

“I dreamed about my parents and I said I won’t let anything beat me. I’m not here to be beating by COVID. I’m here to beat it.”

Beale recalled that her children were always there to encourage her through phone calls. “My son called me and said mom you’re a strong old lady. Mommy, you can’t give up yet.”

After 11 days, she was cleared to be taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair while the medical staff congratulated her and applauded her courage to keep fighting.

“I call them miracle workers,” Beale said, referring to the medical staff. “Everybody was so wonderful to me. I appreciate everything they did. Thank you… I thank God for my life.”

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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