Cameroon opens biggest Shopping Mall

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Trade and Commerce in Douala city in Cameroon  got a huge boost as the city now hosts the biggest shopping mall which is estimated to take patronage of over four million customers within the locality.

The mall, erected on 18,000 square meters of land is reported to house 160 shops and stores, 22 restaurants, 640 parking spaces as well as other recreational and entertainment like cinemas, amusement parks, spas and supermarkets. In essence, the mall offers a wide variety of extensive offers that customers can choose from.

The mall features a world class architectural design which has already won the EDGE Green Building Certification for excellence in Design and Greater Efficiency in recognition of its compliance with specific environmental standards. The shops and stores have also been customised to tenant’s requirements and is expected to have a five star hotel and offices as part of its phase two objectives.

Part of the mall’s specifications also include fully fitted out glazed shop fronts, tile floors, finished walls and ceilings with standard lighting and utility connections. A dedicated drop off lane for taxis and motorcycles, lifts and escalators, 340 parking spaces in protected partial basements as well as a clean and convenient  public restrooms.

With an estimated 300,000 expected visitors every month, the mall also contributes to the city’s economy with the creation of job opportunities.

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