African women recipients of Trump’s 2020 International Women of Courage Awards

12 extraordinary women from around the world on Wednesday, March 4 will be honored by US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo as he hosts the Annual International Women of Courage (IWOC) Awards at the U.S. Department of State.  The First Lady of the United States Melania Trump will deliver remarks to recognize the extraordinary […]

“I found my gift in prison” –Award-winning celebrity chef,  Jeff Henderson

Correctional place

A prison by all intents and purposes is a punitive quarters, as well as a correctional place. While many have come out from there weak, despondent and resigned to a life of obscurity, some others have come out from prisons better, even becoming role models. The latter is what Jeff Henderson has become; an inspirational […]

Black history has its roots from the beginning of humanity

Black history

Several stories, tales, history and culture have been told about  nations. In reality, little time is accorded the discussion of black history. Many believe before the Europeans came, Africans walked naked, lived in the dark and confused et al. It has generated a heated discourse this was the plan of the Europeans all along; to […]