Google’s sister company launches smart diaper

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Google’s sister company launches smart diaper

Pampers, in collaboration with Google’s sister firm, has announced plans to release a ‘smart nappy’ that monitors babies’ sleeping, eating and changing patterns amid growing concerns about privacy.

The application referred to as ‘Lumi’ comes with two packs of nappies, two reusable detachable sensors, and a WiFi-connected video monitor. 

The sensors detect any moisture in a child’s nappy and, if stool or urine is found, send a notification automatically to the smartphone application of a parent or carrier with the Lumi by  Pampers app. 

The application can also monitor sleeping patterns, how often parents are feeding their babies and the humidity and temperature of a child’s bedroom. The data can be fed back into a smartphone irrespective of where in the world the user is. 

According to the Financial Times reports the parent firm of Pampers, “Procter and Gamble” developed the product with Google’s life sciences sister company “Verily”.

The Duo says that:

“Any personal data will be sent just to parents and aggregate data will just be used to improve the product”.

They further said that aggregate data includes all information taken from different sources but does not include the private information which is shared directly. 

Though the company has not yet released a price for the digital diaper, it will be on sale in the United States later this year and would be compatible with both Android and iOS.


Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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