Homeless Tupac earns $3 million in scholarship

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Homeless Tupac

A homeless teen boy from Memphis, Tupac Mosley, who recently graduated from a high school senior, graduated as the class valedictorian at Raleigh Egypt High School in Tennessee. Hence, Tupac carted away more than $3 million in scholarships. The young 17-year old high school teen was able to achieve this feat, despite being homeless.

Speaking on the scholarship with Fox 13, Tupac said that, “when I heard that I got $3 million; I was more than excited and elated. I was astonished that it was that huge sum”. He also got accepted into more than 40 institutions.

Not long after the death of Tupac’s father, his family fell behind bills. They formally got evicted from their home last February. Since then, they have moved from one house to another around Memphis.

Thankfully, they found out about a non-profit organization – ‘For The Kingdom’. This organization supports urban children and teens to guide them on the right path and also provides camping site. Tupac was grateful to have been allowed to stay there with his family.

Although he often moved from house to house and he was always not sure how he could continue going to school with the distraction. Tupac maintained a 4.3 GOA, which was the highest in his class.

During his valedictorian speech, he thanked his principal and teachers for believing in him when no one else did. He also urged his fellow graduates to believe in themselves and work hard, and will achieve anything they want in life.

“Never let your current crisis, whatever circumstances you are going through, be a mountain that you can’t mount or climb”, Tupac said.

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Tupac Mosley is set to apply at Tennessee State University in the fall and major in electrical engineering.

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