Kente: A Colourful Attire for Diverse Occasions – By Ajibade Morakinyo

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Kente cloth is made from thin strips about 4 centimetres thick woven together on narrow looms, typically by men. The strips are interlaced to form a fabric that is usually worn, wrapped around the shoulders and waist like a toga: The garment is also known as Kente. Women wear two shorter lengths to form a skirt and bodice.

Even today, when a new design is created, it must first be offered to the royal house. If the king declines to take the pattern, it can be sold to the public. Designs worn by Asante royalty may not be worn by others.

As one of the prominent symbols of African arts and culture, Kente cloth has been embraced by the broader African diaspora (which means people of African descent wherever they might live). Kente cloth is particularly popular in the United States among African Americans and can be found on all types of clothing, accessories, and objects. 

These designs replicate registered Kente designs but are often mass-produced outside of Ghana with no recognition or payment going to the Akan craftsmen and designers, which author Boatema Boateng has argued represents a significant loss of income to Ghana. 

 See below different styles of Kente

Agbada: A Unique Wear

Before now, Agbada style used to be associated with men, especially men of affluence.

But the story has changed in present time as women now slay them to special events like weddings. In present time, women have been dashingly beautiful wearing this three-piece outfit. It gives them admiration because the attire is unique and extraordinarily cool.

With English name as Grand Boubou, Agbada is one of the Nigeria fashion signatures. It trends always because of the creative styles that these attires come with. Today, we see couples in matching outfits of this attire, giving us ideas on how to make better outfits.

There is hardly any colour that cannot be used in making an Agbada. We have seen men make use of the feminine colours like pink, red and purple in creating a fashion scene. Aside going for cool colours or even the wild colours, the designs on the Agbada are important for you to really look amazing in them. The design concept is what makes the difference when it comes to dressing in this gorgeous outfit.

Wearing Agbada is one of the ways to stand out in a crowd at events. These are styles you can choose from when planning to have your Agbada…

Leather Jacket: A Perfect Match to Any Wear

Although, it was first worn as a flight jacket in the early 1900s and a style essentially for men, it is a versatile and an easy piece to wear, no matter the season. The jacket is completely perfect to any style of wears, bringing endless options to your wardrobe. It makes the simplest of outfits look cool.

Whether it is a biker, bomber, gown, casual, western, varsity or aviator, you can be rest assured, there is a leather jacket out there for you. It also goes with a short or long sleeve shirt and jeans/chinos for a casual look.

But knowing how to wear a leather jacket poses a flight risk for many, brands are now offering a plethora of jacket styles, steeped in subcultural references and contemporary trends. Preppy lads, cowboys, punks, bikers, and mods are all privy to the delights of leather, as well as today’s athleisure enthusiasts.

So, with all these choices, how to wear a leather jacket today? Check out styles below:

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