Angry Bird: The Good, The Better and The Bird

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Angry Birds has won the award for the best application at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​the most important event of the year. The game angry bird has won many hearts, young and old.

Angry bird is a game that consists of throwing birds, with a slingshot, against different constructions. The goal is to eliminate the green pigs that have stolen the eggs and hide behind walls and roofs. It is a simple game, tremendously intuitive, designed for the public and gets people engaged all around the world.

Well, that simple game was the most sold application in the Apple Store in 2010. It was the second most downloaded free app (behind Facebook), 50 million in total (only two million downloads on Android).

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The application, developed by the Finnish company Rovio , was released in December 2009. A year later, its popularity is so great that on December 11, the world day of the Angry Birds was celebrated in 760 cities of the world.

The company has announced that they are already in full production of a series for television and Internet. Of course, on the web they have an online store where they sell T-shirts and very soon toys.

Angry Birds was, along with the iPhone 4, the most used Halloween costume.

Among the thousands of applications developed around the world, Angry Birds has triumphed precisely. Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio had a crystal clear vision, for him the keys to success are: the simplicity of use, the challenge of overcoming increasingly difficult tests, attractive characters, sound and a great design: “With making something different, it is possible to stand out “.

According to some sources, the game has sold 6.5 million units and 200,000 in iPad. The free version has been downloaded 11 million times.

Rovio’s boss, who is the developer, says that “it makes no sense [to do other games] when you have a success of this caliber.” Mikael Hed explains, too, that “when you create a brand image, doing it again is much more difficult than building something around what you already have.”

His idea is to make cartoons that can be seen in cinemas and on TVs around the world. “We have to make sure that the brand is relevant when the movie is released,” explains Hed.

It has also been said that they are working on Angry Birds sequels and ports for DS, PSP and PS3.

The angry bird download has both free and paid versions (the paid version cost 79 cents). It is difficult, therefore, to speak of millions in this way of income. For Mikael Hed, the income from the app will come from advertising. However, Rovio is diversifying its business through a cross-media strategy. According to Hed, “once the audience volume is achieved, the next thing is to think about the business model”.

what’s next? The launch of a new version of the game, “Angry Birds Rio”. Both companies, Rovio and 20th Century Fox, signed a collaboration agreement. This collaboration is a combination of movie and video game.

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