Nec xon provides africa’s first ai-driven wireless lan

Nec xon provides africa’s first ai-driven wireless lan

NEC XON has announced that it will be providing the first AI-powered wireless LAN (WLAN) solution in Africa which will enable the company to provide automated insights across the network stack while saving time and simultaneously improving network performance.

The solution is based on technology from Mist Systems, a Juniper Networks company, which has been an NEC XON partner for 15 years.

According to the GM of Networking at NEC XON, Ross Templeton,  The Mist’s intelligent, cloud-based architecture provides phenomenal opportunities across verticals such as healthcare, enterprise, commercial, and safety and security management. 

Ross added that

“The cloud delivery model enables rapid scaling, agility, flexibility, performance, and solid ROI. The solution makes Wi-Fi more predictable, reliable, and measurable because it is  automated, and enables location services using Bluetooth LE.”

Juniper Networks added that Mist’s next-generation WLAN platform to its existing wired LAN, SD-WAN, and security solutions when it acquired Mist Systems in April 2019. 

Mist also has the networking industry’s only AI-driven virtual assistant, Marvis which aims to simplify wireless troubleshooting and gives peerless visibility and insights into client and network behavior.

 It employs patented BLE alongside Wi-Fi and IoT for services, such as indoor wayfinding, proximity notifications, traffic analytics, and tracking assets.

These features are propelling Mist to become the de-facto standard for enterprise networking already used by two of the Fortune 10, seven of the top 40 retailers, one of the world’s top mobile carriers, and one of the world’s largest airlines.

The GM of Emerging Markets at Juniper Networks, Yarob Sakhnini, says: 

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“NEC XON continues to innovate across Africa with Juniper. Mist, combined with the other Juniper solutions like Juniper’s SD-WAN, provides scalable and manageable solutions with zero-touch simplicity. These solutions demonstrate how innovative technology delivers additional  revenues and saves costs for customers across Africa.”