“Finding Uncle Alfio,” Touching Story of 1st Italian-American Woman to Sit on Chicago Bench

Judge Gloria C. Coco, is the first Italian-American woman to sit on the bench in Chicago. Hers is a story of inspiration, doggedness and bravery. Judge Gloria Coco told her story-a true story of her life- a one-woman play, “Finding Uncle Alfio” performed last Saturday, June 16, at the New York Maple Grove Cemetery. As with many families that came

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5th Annual Queens Impact Awards Honor Unsung Heroes

Once again TimesLedger  Newspapers has recognized wonderful people in Queens area of New York who have made impact in humanity with lifesaving initiatives, and all, behind the scenes. The TimesLedger Newspapers is a chain of award-winning weekly newspapers that cover the borough of Queens, America’s  most ethnically diverse county. The papers deliver a steady stream of breaking news, neighborhood stories,

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Silverbrook: Unsung Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur and World’s 2nd Most Prolific Inventor

People often consider Thomas Edison the most prolific inventor in history, but many would be surprised to know that he is far surpassed for that honor by a man who is still inventing today. Kia Silverbrook is an Australian inventor who started his first company at the age of 19 in 1977, and since then has been inventing all sorts of useful devices, many of

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