Silverbird Group CEO, Senator Ben Bruce Got a loan of N20 from Dad to Set up Entertainment Empire

Father’s day to many people hold different memories and meanings. For Nigerian senator, Men Murray-Bruce, it was an opportunity on this past occasion to remember his dad, who died 32 years ago. According to the Senator, in 1980 his father loaned him ₦20,000 to set up Silverbird, which now employs 1015 people all earning above the Nigerian minimum wage of

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Tech Hubs Pioneering Innovation across Africa

Innovation and entrepreneurship play an ever-increasing role in growing Africa’s emerging technology ecosystem. According to research by the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator, over the past two years alone, Africa has seen the number of innovation hubs double. Whilst the big three cities – Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town – have been dominating the Sub-Saharan growth narrative, the next wave of incubators are arriving

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US Activists Encourage Demonstrations to Bring Attention to Poverty

Activists in 40 states of the United States have been encouraged in latest efforts by Rev. William Barber of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and Rev. Liz Theoharis of New York City, to take part in acts of civil disobedience, teach-ins and demonstrations to force communities to address poverty. In recent weeks, thousands of anti-poverty activists have launched a campaign modeled after

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