Kayode Adeyemo: The Legendary Guitarist, Choreographer and Dancer of Nigerian/ Barbadian Descent

Electrifying and charismatic American R&B band Starpoint was a sensation in the 1980’s with numerous hits to their credit. The band comprised musical talents basically from two men who were doctors in Crownsville State Hospital near Annapolis, Maryland; Dr Philips, an American and Dr Adeyemo, a Nigerian.  Five of the group’s members – Ernesto, Orlando, Lloyd, Greg, and George, Jr

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Alice Marie Johnson, 63-year-old great-grandmother freed from jail courtesy Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian did it! Trump pardoned Alice Marie Johnson sentenced to life in prison. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, pardoned a woman sentenced to life imprisonment thanks to the intervention of Kim Kardashian. According to CNN, the American celebrity was key in this decision. She has since visited the White House to personally intercede for the 63-year-old

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Doctor Oluyinka Olutoye, a US Based Nigerian Doctor Opens Up on His Success in Fetus Baby Operation

In today’s world, there are advanced imaging techniques that allow for better diagnosis of congenital and other related defects that obtain more precise evaluations with which doctors can develop an action plan and take surgical measures even before birth, with great potential to save the baby’s life. Now, congenital defects represent the main cause of illness and death in the

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