Microsoft Opens First Africa Development Centre In Kenya And Nigeria, Reveals Plan To Recruit One Hundred Full-time Engineers

First Africa Development Centre

In a bid to further investment in Africa, Microsoft has launched its first Africa Development Centre, ADC with two initial sites in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria. Earlier this year, the company had opened Africa’s first hyper-scale data centers in South Africa, aimed at promoting business innovation in the cloud. The executive sponsor of the ADC and executive vice president

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Egyptian Musician, Dina El-Wedidi, Features on Time Magazine as Next Generation Leader

Dina El-Wedidi

Egyptian singer and songwriter, Dina El-Wedidi was recently listed on Time Magazine as Next Generation Leader, alongside nine other trailblazers. Apart from El-Wedidi, the list includes diverse young people from Nigeria, Brazil, Sweden, Somalia, South Korea, India, Spain and US, all forging new paths known to their respective fields from music to sports, politics, and sustainability. El-Wedidi was referred to

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Black Sickle Cell Advocate and Philanthropist Honored in Washington

Sickle Cell Advocate

A black philanthropist and Sickle Cell advocate, Howard Woolley, was presented with a “Sickle Cell Outstanding Service Award” at the 2019 Roland B. Scott Memorial Symposium in Washington. Among Woolley’s most significant achievements in the Sickle Cell arena was to publish his late wife’s memoir (SOAR by Gail Campbell Woolley).  She passed away in 2015 after several battles with SCD.

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Africa’s Biggest Youth Award – The Future Awards Africa – Launches Community Tour

The Future Awards Africa

In an attempt to fulfill its commitment to youth development in Africa, organizers of the biggest youth awards in Africa, The Future Awards Africa, have successfully launched a series of media and community activities. The event is expected to run from March through May 2019, in preparation for this year’s edition of the event. The tour intends to create a

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