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Fashune is a choice fashion label in Canada owned and run by Olumuyiwa Fasoranti; a Nigerian of Yoruba descent who dumped his IT consultancy job afte [...]
Monroe Baker, a well-to-do Black businessman, named mayor of St. Martin, Louisiana. He was probably the first Black to serve as mayor of a town. Do y [...]
New Orleans Tribune, first Black daily newspaper, founded by Dr. Louis C. Roudanez and published in both English and French, started as a tri-weekly [...]
October 3, 1935: Italy invades Ethiopia. Ethiopia, one of the only two independent African nations at the time, was invaded on October 3,1935 by Faci [...]
October 2, 1958: The Republic of Guinea gains Independence under Sekou Toure. Ahmed Sékou Touré was a Guinean political leader and African statesman [...]
October 1, 1966: Black Panther party founded in Oakland, US. The Black Panther Party (BPP), originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was [...]
September 30 1975: Muhammad Ali fights Joe Frazier in "Thrilla in Manilla".  Both Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were undefeated: the demand for ticket [...]
September 29, 1975: First Black-owned television station in US, WGPR-TV Detroit, begins broadcasting. Where God's Presence Radiates (WGPR-TV) was the [...]
Chief Executive Officer and  Co-Founder of Silicon Valley-Nigeria Economic Development Inc. (SV-NED), has hit a milestone, having been recently absor [...]
Racism has a way of blocking talented individuals from giving off their best in their chosen field of work - Barbara Blake. Young Jamaican girl, Barb [...]
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