Serena Williams: A Tennis G.O.A.T that Brought Glamor, Style and More to the Game

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Serena Williams A Tennis G.O.A.T that Brought Glamor, Style and More to the Game

In whatever age and context that the history of world tennis would be told n the future, one name that is sure to invariably stand out is Serena Williams.
Apart from her athleticism, Serena has changed the look of the game bringing glamour, style, fashion and a whole lot more into the game, deepening the popularity and followership of the game. 
Apt to be described as the queen of tennis, Serena Williams is without doubt one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, with a recent feature on How They Play this week listing the American as the best, ahead of known legends.
Serena’s impressive record of 72 career titles which include 23 Grand Slam singles titles makes her one of the game’s most decorated tennis player.
But even then, a YouGov survey still found that 12% of British men contend they could score a point in a tennis match against the 37-year-old.
And in the backdrop of the poll, a video has surfaced online of the 23-time Grand Slam winner humiliating five men on a tennis court.
The two-minute-long footage is tremendously satisfying to watch as it highlights Serena’s versatility and mastery of the game she has made a name for herself.
In the clip, Serena can be seen serving against one man first, who was left helpless in trying to return the serve, before shouting: “She put some spin on it and it was further out here than I was ready for.”
The mother of one then takes on two men, scoring another ace, before a third man joining the humiliation line.
So gravitating the video was that one shot can be seen connecting with a man’s leg, leaving him in agony as he drops to the ground.
The men’s realistic chance of earning a point came when the fifth man joined the fray and was only then they managed to return the serve, but Serena won the point with a smash which left the same man with an even more painful backside
Meanwhile, had earlier reported that Serena Williams had been fined with the sum of $10,000 for damaging one of the Wimbledon courts with her racket.
According to the report, the organizers of the 2019 grass grand slam revealed that Serena’s incident occurred during a training session.

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This was not the first time that Serena Williams will be fined as she was also hit with $10,000 last three years for repeatedly smashing her racket on the court.

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