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In a recent report published by a Harvard researcher, he discovered that Africans are the only race that have 100 percent human DNA while the rest ha [...]
In the event of a proliferation of coronavirus on the African continent, the unpreparedness that would get such a disaster has been sounded by the Wo [...]
Thousands of female girl-children have been denied living normal lives being conscripted to fight in different wars across Africa. Thousands were for [...]
REDTV, the foremost lifestyle platform powered by the United Bank for Africa, has just launched its new and very much anticipated series, Assistant M [...]
When a South African surf company wanted to put African culture on the global surfing map, it knew it needed a distinct African symbol. It chose the [...]
African business is looking forward to 2020, analyzing the political and economic trends and predicting what is ahead of the top economists of the reg [...]
Thebe Magugu is a guy who always had big dreams and was bold to pursue them. With a strong passion for fashion from a very young age, Thebe resolved [...]
Celebrated Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova, enjoyed to no small measure, her trip to African countries of Botswana in southern Africa and Rwanda [...]
Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story is the first in a new format of African star biographical TV retellings by Viacom International Media Networks Africa ( [...]
The only passenger in the ship was Robert Stubbs, a former captain of slave ships who was appointed by the African Committee of the Royal African Com [...]
1 2 3 9 10 / 83 POSTS