The Black man who changed train and communication

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Grandville Taylor Woods, a major game-changer in the history of mankind during the western industrial revolution. He his an inventor of the system of communication between trains, the telegraphone, the electric self-reliance of trains, automatic switch of electric circuits, artificial incubator, and more than 50 other inventions. the existence of this African-American was decisive during the western industrial revolution.

Granville, a self-educated man was withdrawn from school when he was 10-year-old. Thereafter, he got hired in a railway company as a fireman in Nebraska and ended up becoming engineer, while he studied electronics as a part-time student. He was afterward employed on a steamboat and became the chief engineer 2 years later. Tragicly, his ascension was cut short because of racism.

Grandville then resigned and settled in Columbus, Ohio, in order to commit his life to the modernization of the train. In 1884, he developed along with his brother Lyates the Woods Railway Telegraph Company and also designed the telephone transmitter same year, which enhanced the quality of sound and allowed for communication between long distances.

In 1885 he invented the telegraphone, a system that combines the telephone and the telegraph and that transmits the voice and the telegram simultaneously.

A year afterwards, he invented the telegraphone, a system that combines the telephone and the telegraph and that transmits the voice and the telegram concurrently.

This invention which was a huge success was later sold to the American Bell Telephone Company as this. He further went on to design the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph.

Grandville invention was a turn-around for the railway system because it allows trains on the move to communicate with several stations, thereby radically increasing safety. On several attempts as Thomas Eddison tried laying claims to this invention, but the court ruled in favor of Grandville.

Grandville went on to develop a system that transmitted electricity to the train by installing two iron blocks every 40 meters of the rail, rendering electric cables installed on top of the railways of invalid.

All through his lifetime, he patented series of innovations that he came up with for the trains and telephone systems. His last notable inventions are the automatic switch for electric circuits and the artificial incubator.

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