The moment believers understand their worth, it is easy to maximize the power of prayer –Pastor Teniola

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Pastor Teniola is a writer, painter, a family woman and the founder and president of, Women of Valor Ministries, a non-profit organization established with the mission to inspire hope and contribute to health and wellbeing by educating, advancing knowledge, and strengthening the communities.

In an interview with Africhroyale, PT as she is fondly called expatiates on a number of issues, including prayer, and having the right relationship with God. Excerpts… 

For more than a decade you built brands and contributed to interagency communications and have vastly lent your voice to the community. What propelled you into that terrain, and what can you say about the experience?

That is an excellent question. I strongly believe in purpose. It captures your identity and brings you back to the very many questions people are asking, why you exist and the experiences. I believe through the many curves I have arrived at a straight path. That reminds people of the very need for our existence and why many seldom achieve their earthly mandate as ordained by God. They haven’t consciously realised the very worth of their essence and strongly embark on a set purpose that reveals the worth of their essence and meaning to life. There is no stronger brand than that of “Jesus”, and this has often been my guiding light towards evolving and simplifying his message of truth for the planet earth. The experience has been wonderful and edifying.

What does it take a brand to become appealing?

It is in knowing what you stand and exist for. One of the many issues of ‘Man’, in reference to the concept of Man, as created by God, is that many of us have yet to question why we exist and the need for us on this planet. Hence, we have had to falsely measure what really matters and somewhat ignore the very important instructions we all arrived with. Consciously, I believe our worth as sons of God is far higher than what we have placed on ourselves and captivated our worth within, and until Man organizes himself through a paradigm shift mindfully, things will stay just the same. To alert our minds in the scheme of things is the beginning of a real change.

How instrumental are ministries, in shaping the present moment and the future?

I will applaud the fathers of faith that stepped forward to impact and extensively build our faith walk. However, in recent times, it is clear and obvious that there has been some misplacement of values and a misinterpretation of the need for the church as in the early days. We have bought into a myth that “church” is about maintaining a routine and a mandatory programme that God is not able to work without. We have been led to believe that this activity of attending ‘church’ and ‘plugging in’ to its programmes is the most essential part of being a Christian. So, our lives, as believers, tend to center more on this thing called ‘church’ than it does simply around the Lord and the revelation that, we are his Church {His Ecclesia; His assembly; His people; His Priesthood}.

What should be the goals for the new ministries evolving?

Our present goals should be to all arrive at the very basics and understand the intents of the Highest Father, and to consciously meet his needs. As a people of understanding, I think we have uncovered the physical state of the very things on earth, as well as the social nature of events, which is the epitome of distraction, if not wisely handled. But many are yet to dive deeper into the true knowledge of spirituality, and to consciously involve the Lord’s Kingdom to rule over the earth he made.

What are some of the challenges faced by ministers?

That is a deep question, and I might not be in the right position to determine our individual challenges as regards to ministry. However, to shed light on my experience in introspection, I will sum it to three main factors. that is, misappropriation of values, misinterpretation of essence, and misdirection of time. When these three are out of line, every man is subject to a detour from the original plan.

These are deep analyses; can you elaborate on these?

I will try to be precise, and like I earlier mentioned, this is by no means to determine or criticize ministers. We all can fall short, just like many of us and including myself, but the important call is to measure what really matters, become broken and dead to self on this train called life. So instead of calling out the many challenges, like the challenge of individualism, challenge of success and significance and the main challenge of leadership development.

Instinctively, every challenge has a solution, and we can revive and be reawakened when we have willingness to admit mistakes, willingness to adjust and change, rediscovery of God’s heart and mind, renewal of our vision for world evangelism, are praying seriously about them, taking steps to connect with other leaders, and have willingness to embody the required change.

You hold sway in diverse fields of expertise including the divine. Do you have a ministerial calling?

Yes, I do. I will take that to be my vocation and It is important to understand we are all ministers of the gospel with different expression. Through the years, it is evident the Lord wants me to teach on prayer and simplify the attitude of praying. I also run a non-profit organization, which is a ministry tailored to enlightening and empowering people to reconnect, re-centre and recharge to create real change in the community, by creating pleasant and memorable experiences that elevate their current status and meet their basic needs.

You have been teaching on the acts of prayer through the I-Pray Movement. What is the I-pray movement all about?

I am glad you asked. The I-Pray movement is a set time to empower and enlighten the community on the importance of prayer as I said earlier, an era which simplifies the attitude of prayer and takes us to the very basics of our mandate as God’s people, who was planted for his special purposes. This movement expands on the visioning of our individual mandate for the planet earth and highlight the need to gain clarity on our diverse unique journey, by legally involving God in his predetermined plans for us on this placement, called the ‘Earth’.

Basically, a movement, that shifts our minds to pray, align with Jesus’ prayer pattern, while he was on earth, and attune our spirit with the Holy Spirit, to live in simplicity and in the right attitude.

How did you get inspired to begin the movement?

It was beyond inspiration. It was an instruction to receive God’s Kingdom on earth and to live by our divine kingdom culture.

How does the attitude of prayer get simplified?

By Involving God in everything and relaying all things to the all-knowing God. The most challenging thing for every man is knowing what to do per time. Imagine an opportunity given to us as sons of God, that allow us involve God in our affairs to prove its sustenance, reveal his wisdom, his power, and glory. That is the act of prayer. The simplicity of the attitude effectively sustains our temporary stay here on earth.

The effective fervent prayer of the righteous, the Bible records, avails much. Even as a praying nation, things only seem to get worse. Is there something else Christians are not doing?

I am certain, it comes back to the attitude question. From my opinion I wouldn’t trim the approach to prayer from Christians, else I will applaud the fact that we are still a praying nation, which proves the possibility of a change, if it’s done with the right attitude and for the right reason. The eventuality comes back to self-leadership and how a believer of the gospel, “with the right attitude” can switch the events of nations. Daniel uttered prayers on behalf of his nation, Judah, that had come under God’s judgement. For an entire generation, for seventy years, his people were held in captivity by their enemy, the Babylonians, and were separated from God’s place of blessing. Even though Daniel became a slave in Nebuchadnezzar’s court, with no human right and no commission to appeal to, no friendly government to seek intervention from, no international criminal court to take his case up, through all, Daniel glorified God by his character and his conduct. He became a counsellor to kings. The moment believers understand their worth, it is easy to maximize the power of prayer.

What difference in effect is there, praying for oneself over a situation and having a pastor do same?

Interesting, I will say both are highly effective and aligns scripturally. In conjunction, we all do not know what to pray for, but the spirit himself intercedes for us. Hence, either through oneself or a pastor, the winning attitude is to trust and believe in God’s power to work it out for our good.

Any upcoming programmes lined up for the I-pray movement?

We have several programs coming up, tailored to enlighten and empower the community on the need to simplify the attitude of prayer. We also have a campaign coming up in the new year, we trust that this will create a holy paradigm shift upon us and stir up a revival. Nothing changes until our minds change, so we hope the movement will be able to create a cultural shift amongst the nation and help to run with the right attitude

Through the Good Life Initiative, you bring hope to communities across the world. What inspired you to be a part of that and how do you measure the impact made?

I am privileged to be co-pastoring at the Good Life Church. We exist to spread hope, build the community and to inspire greatness. For us at the Goodlife, we express Jesus in different ways. we are able to measure the impact and responses from the communities through its developmental processes.

You are also a public speaker and a writer; how have these brought you fulfilment?

It gives me an opportunity to express my voice with confidence, credibility, and clarity. It also fulfils the need to level-up to bigger opportunities for impact. I believe we all have a book on our inside, and there comes a time where it is vastly expressed.

Can you tell us a bit about the I-Pray Book you recently authored?

It is a humbling experience to birth the I-Pray book. I call the book a manual; the ambition of prayer is to cultivate a sense of honour and gratitude to God. I was able to journal a few inspiring reasons why we pray; prayer attracts God, prayer unlocks us, prayer transform us. The I-Pray Book is a manual that helps us arrive at an understanding of our essence, our privileges, and our mission on this terrain.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My very first is to dwell in the secret place and to commune with my creator, I can define the next moment as I build deeper intimacy with him. Another is my strength, which comes from the Lord, once I can put my heart to something, I become inspired to go an extra length. And my family circle of influence play a large part in inspiring me as well.

Do you have role models?

Absolutely, I have been blessed and graced with several thought leaders, pastors that have helped to guide my path in life, including my partner who guides and ensures the clarity of my vision. It is a good place to also highlight the person of the Holy spirit, whose presence models my every action, I cannot quantify the measure of comfort I have experienced through our partnership.

Do you have any regrets in life, or is there anything you would have loved to do differently if it were possible?

I am not sure if the terminology, that is “regret”, is suitable. Rather, I would have preferred nurturing my purpose than any other thing, I would have been more purpose minded early enough, and to fully measure what really mattered by exuding significance rather than just surviving.

What other personal projects do you have in your kitty?

Most importantly, to teach and train on the ability to imbibe on the kingdom culture, a prayer culture that involves God fully in our affairs, to inspire hope and build the communities on the right part through the WOV non-profit organization initiatives. We have a robust calendar for the new year.

What is your idea of marriage and why do you think so many marriages are crashing today?

For me, marriage is the world’s largest learning centre, where no one graduates or earns a certificate until eternity. It is a fulltime work that needs the fruit of the spirit and a lot more for a lasting experience. I will think the main reason for the crash till date, is because, when a purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Which simplifies the very reason why each partner should clearly understand the need of a relationship in a marriage.

If you had the opportunity to advise the Nigerian president on three salient issues about the policy, what would those be?

Wow, firstly, I will recommend a reformation of his agenda and to consider neutralizing some of the shadiest figures of the constitution, this will adjust the party and enact a full house cleaning within the political system. Which is our way forward as a nation.

Second would be building an electoral democracy. Nigeria’s chosen developmental path is a democratic one, many countries have made the transition in recent decades from authoritarian to a real democratic system that rests on a firm infrastructure of democracy. A critical component of such systems is an impartial administered electoral system.

My third advice is to use this opportunity to affirm the voices of many Nigerians to Mr. President, regarding the toll gate massacre and the street demonstrations to end police brutality. It has become obvious; the Nigeria youths are tired and obviously burnt out from the political structure in Nigeria. It is time to show empathy to the ordinary citizens and be in touch with the increasingly youth demographic. Their voice cannot be stopped in the present age; it is a new world order where the ruined cities will be rebuilt for the coming generation.

How do you balance your work and time for family affairs?

Taking breaks in between and prioritizing family time.

Do you have any pastime?

Reading and painting. It is therapeutic for me.

What would you like to be remembered for?

The father’s daughter that changed the language and the attitude of prayer in its simplicity. She also inspires the community to live in the exact way God planned and orchestrated.

Your parting shot?

God loves you, and nothing changes that fact. His intention for creating us a little lower than the angels is to live the absolute best of life. Make sure the enemy does not steal that from you or take away that Joy on your inside. The enemy has no plan for tomorrow, his plan is to steal, kill and destroy. Do not show up as a candidate or be a part of the wagon that worships his false image. Take everything up with God in prayer and enjoy his presence in your life. The past can be cleaned, the future is a new canvas, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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