Meet The Naija Wives of Toronto

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The ‘Naija Wives of Toronto’ (NWT) is a Canadian reality TV show that chronicles the lives of four beautiful Nigerian Canadian ladies – Abby Ayoola, Emilian Andrew, Uche Nwokeji and Rachel Omobude, as they make a living in Canada. These are successful business women, career professionals, mothers and grandmothers who have been able to overcome challenges of living in a foreign land and all of the attendant problems.

The Ladies’ diverse Nigerian heritage aptly captures the show’s theme of unity in diversity, with the goal of projecting Nigerian culture to the world. The NWT show offers a glimpse into how they blend their Nigerian/African culture with that of the Canadian culture.

NWT confirmed to Africhroyale, the end of the show’s first season, gave a peek into their lives, promised more drama in season II and tell us more about their experiences in the show. Excerpts…….

Abby is a nutritionist and fitness enthusiast who leverages on her wealth of experience to encourage the ladies to eat healthy in the show. Her passion for nutrition also ties into her decision to author books on healthy living and promises to write more. She has a show titled ‘Dining with Abby’ that focuses on different delicacies. According to her, it is never too late to make a difference in the world.

Abby Ayoola 


Who is Abby Ayoola and what was growing up like for her?

Abby Ayoola is a serial entrepreneur who is a caring mother, wife and daughter. Growing up in Canada had its challenges but overall, I am blessed.

How was the process of adjusting to life in Canada?

First of all, the weather was a real shock! It was freezing here, and I definitely was not prepared for that. Canada has a different way of life from Nigeria. Learning about, and living in different a culture was something I wasn’t used to. But I made the most of it and learned a lot.

What are the memorable moments you have had in the series?

Matilda’s house warming party stands out…that whole day of filming was interesting! Also, the restaurant scene in episode II. That is some real drama right there!

How have you been able to influence the NWT series with your trade as a nutritionist?

I try, I try! The ladies are not as receptive to eating my way, or even healthy for that matter. But it really is a personal choice, you can lead the horse to the water but can’t force it to drink.

What do you like about the NWT Series?

I like the fact that we are showing the world a different side of Nigerian life. We are independent women navigating life in Canada, and doing it well!

Is there anything your fans should expect from you in the future?

I am developing a documentary called “BLENDED”. It will follow the lives of three blended families and show you the challenges they face. Also, look out for Season 2 of Naija Wives of Toronto. Way more drama than Season. 

Uche Nwokeji 


Uche, who regards herself as “the life of the party” is an event planning professional. She has loved planning events right from her childhood; this led to establishing her own event planning company called ‘Loevento Events’ and even went further to get certifications in New York. According to her, she aims to bring to life whatever the client wants. She believes in making improvements and not excuses and plans to do something about her passion for beauty and fashion. It is hard to miss her lively, spirited and sparkling energy when she is on set. With her, there is no dull moment.

Who is Uche Nwokeji and what was growing up like for her?

My name is Uchenna Nwokeji. I am from Imo State. I am the 16th of 20 children of Chief Edward Nwokeji. Growing up was good and fun for me. I had a lot of step brothers and sisters and we all had fun together as one.

How was the process of adjusting to life in Canada?

I am still adjusting to it because it is much colder in Canada than in Houston, Texas, where I relocated from. Regardless, I believe I am handling it well.

How did the journey of Naija Wives of Toronto (NWT) begin?

It all started in 2019. I felt like we do not have anything that showcases how Nigerians adapt to Canadian lifestyle. Then, I reached out to a friend and decided to put some ladies together and the rest is history.

What is the vision/goal of NWT?

My vision for NWT is for us to grow like the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHWOA) and the rest of the reality shows in the states as well as get broadcast time on TV channels.

What do you like about the NWT Series?

I love everything about it. I love the fact that most of the drama you see just happens naturally when we are shooting.

What are the challenges you face in the reality TV series and how do you cope with them?

Initially, I struggled with the late-night shooting and having to cope with taking care of my kids as well as getting tired of staying in front of the camera. However, with time, I got used to it. Then, I realised how big the show got when people recognized me anytime I go out. The fact that people were watching the show amazed and excited me.

Is there anything your fans should expect from you in the future?

Yes, watch out for my online fashion store (Harrietsfashionclosetcollection) on Instagram, on Facebook. It’s called Harriet’s Closet. Watch out for my beauty line coming soon.

Emilian Andrew 


Emilian – An actress, singer, dancer and fashion designer, is a bundle of talent. Her acting career began in Nigeria and she has also been a part of several Canadian movies over the years. Her years of involvement in the entertainment industry has helped her to harness the power of creativity for self-expression and explore ideas, a feature that has helped in her acting prowess, which she effortlessly displays in the NWT. She considers herself a fun-loving person with a good sense of humour, a leader, patient, empathetic, spontaneous, adventurous and open to try new things.

Who is Emilian Andrew and what was growing up like for you?

Emilian Andrew is a lovely mum of three beautiful kids, healthcare professional, actor, and a fashion designer. Growing up in Nigeria was bittersweet for me, good memories and not so good memories but through it all God saw me through. You can call me the odd one among my siblings. So many talents as a kid, singing, dancing, fashion, you name it.

How did you get to be a part of Naija Wives of Toronto (NWT)? 

Uche invited me to join the ladies. She and I see each other at social events and I was so happy when she asked if I was interested in joining them because I am a reality show addict and I have always wanted to be part of a reality show.

What are the challenges you face in the reality TV series and how do you cope with them?

Privacy is one of the challenges, you think people don’t know you but they actually do. They are watching your every move.

How was the process of adjusting to living in a foreign land?

Adjusting was a little bit hard for me but much harder for the kids, with school, new friends, and a different environment.

What are the memorable moments you have had in the series?

The last episode of Season I was memorable, surprising — Abby and I celebrating her birthday.

Any word of wisdom to immigrants seeking to become actors and actresses?

If you believe you are talented and passionate about acting and for the right reasons, go for it! Achieve your dream, it does not matter what age.

What do you like about the NWT Series?

We are able to show our culture and how we navigate through our daily life in the western world. Also having a group of women together is not all about gossiping but much more about sisterhood.

What is your definition of style?

Style in fashion is the way you express yourself through your choice of fashion. I believe it is better to be and set the trend rather than following fashion trends. I call myself the fashion chameleon because I am always changing my looks.

Rachel Omobude


For Rachel, it is hard to miss her Edo vibe on the show. She is a health care professional who owns a health agency called, Wadysacare Health Services. The agency was created to help people multiculturally obtain employment in places they cannot access on their own. Rachael dedicates her life to service to the community and believes in upholding one’s culture in the face of foreign influence.

Who is Rachel Omobude and what was growing up like for her?

My names are Rachael Omobude, a mother of four beautiful children, a wife, a grandmother, and a profession in healthcare. I am also a part owner of a healthcare agency called Wadysacare Health Services. Growing up was very challenging for me because my parents were poor. Growing up in a poor home in a country like Nigeria comes with such unbearable hardship, the hope of achieving a good education was all lost, but by the special grace of God, I was able to pull through.

How was the process of adjusting to life in Canada?

Adjusting to life in Canada was a long process but the wait was worth it in the end. Attaining permanent residency was a journey of its own, the extreme cold weather was another tough part of settling here in Canada.  Jobs are always available. I decided to go back to school to achieve the education I was not opportune to achieve in Nigeria due to poverty. Now I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

How did the journey of Naija Wives of Toronto (NWT) begin?

The journey of Naija Wives of Toronto began when Uche, one of the casts, contacted me about being a part of a reality show for Nigerian wives she was planning with other ladies. I embraced the opportunity without hesitation, knowing well that it is about time we do a thing like this.

What is the vision of NWT?

The goal of NWT is to become the best reality show ever and to be on the best television channels, as well as Netflix.

As a mother and grandmother, how do you balance the Nigerian/African style of parenting with Canadian culture?

As a mother and grandmother, I balance Nigeria/African style of parenting with that of Canadian culture by taking the best of Nigerian culture and Canadian culture, integrating them and teaching my children and grandchild. My priority is discipline.

Is it advisable to forget one’s culture in a foreign land? What is your opinion about this?

Never forget your culture in diaspora because this is what guides and ethically defines you wherever you go.

What are the challenges you face in the reality TV series and how do you cope with them?

Some of the challenges in the reality show includes putting your life and family out there for the world to see and being on set always as the camera follows some of our daily activities. It is also overwhelming having to cope with family, work and business. The only way I cope with all is to be organized, look forward to the never-ending fun in it and manage my time wisely.

What do you like about the NWT Series?

What I love about NWT series is the fact that we are not portraying wives of the rich and famous common to other reality shows. We represent the regular Naija wives, with preference placed on showing their lifestyle.

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