Meet The Naija Wives of Toronto

The ‘Naija Wives of Toronto’ (NWT) is a Canadian reality TV show that chronicles the lives of four beautiful Nigerian Canadian ladies – Abby Ayoola, Emilian Andrew, Uche Nwokeji and Rachel Omobude, as they make a living in Canada. These are successful business women, career professionals, mothers and grandmothers who have been able to overcome challenges of living in a foreign land and all of the attendant problems.

Famed Basketball Player, Oscar Robertson was born

Famed American Basketball Player, NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Winner, Oscar Robertson had a career that spanned 14 years during which he played for the Cincinnati Royals between 1960 and 1970 as well as the Milwaukee Bucks between 1970 and 1974. His career statistics in the NBA is put at 26,710 points, 7,804 rebounds and 9,887 assists. He was also a part of the Olympic team that won Gold in Rome 1960.

November 23 – John Lee Love Patents Pencil Sharpener.

John Lee Love was born in Fall River Massachusetts. He was a Carpenter who had the knack of invention. One of such inventions was the Pencil Sharpener which was an improved and reworked version of the French Mathematician, Bernard Lassimore. On November 23, 1897, Love’s Pencil Sharpener was patented with U.S. Patent No. 594,114. Prior […]

John Amaechi: The Man Whose Word is Worth $17 Million


Not many men in the world today can be adjudged to have as strong a willpower as John Uzoma Amaechi. During his illustrious career as a professional basketball player, Amaechi is well remembered for turning down a $17 million contract offer from the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000, opting to remain in Orlando for $600,000 per year. Later, in a radio interview, when asked why he turned down $17 million offer, his answer was that Orlando had signed him in 1999 when no other team would.

Remembering Achebe the Literary Legend

In 2006, a delegate from Japan at a conference in Germany asked a Nigerian delegate upon introduction: “Have you read ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe?” The Nigerian delegate explains to Africhroyale that he was stunned to hear such a question from a Japanese. But that is an inkling of how far and wide Chinua Achebe’s literary works have impacted the world.