Our vision is to become a leading and reputable magazine committed to promoting creativity and inspiring success.


Our mission is to utilize the instruments of our media in creating platforms where men and women of influence and inspiration who defied limitations to blaze trails, without compromising values are profiled, to serve as a means of encouraging and inspiring people to see beyond their challenges and achieve their dreams.

We aim to:

·         Position ourselves as a cornerstone in fostering innovation through the promotion of talents and creativity.

·         Become a benchmark of excellence deriving from a commitment to well researched content and balanced reportage

·         Sustainably maintain a high ethical standard and an unbridled passion for crisp, informative and educative content subservient to the actualization of our vision.


·        To motivate readers to deepen and better understand the values that guide their lives through our news, stories and features.

·        To provide the fora for sharing ideals of creativity and growth.

·        To be a pathway through which people with challenges understand that deep within lies a propelling power, capable of making them fulfill their dreams.

·        To celebrate people who have broken barriers in the face of limitations and challenges to achieve great feats, without having to compromise their integrity, thereby serving as motivational anecdotes.