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When young African American lady, Breanna Moore visited the West African country of Ghana, she immediately knew Africa was way more than everything s [...]
Fashune is a choice fashion label in Canada owned and run by Olumuyiwa Fasoranti; a Nigerian of Yoruba descent who dumped his IT consultancy job afte [...]
Former executive fashion director at Vanity Fair, Samira Nasr has been appointed editor-in-chief of elite Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine, replacing [...]
AfDB’s Fashionomics is exploring the digital space to connect African creatives to global markets. The African Development Bank’s flagship  Fashionom [...]
Hello! May we know you? My name is Ibrahim Afeez Abiodun. I am a native of Oyo state, Saki west, from the family of Aseperi. I was born and brought u [...]
Thebe Magugu is a guy who always had big dreams and was bold to pursue them. With a strong passion for fashion from a very young age, Thebe resolved [...]
In preparation of the 3rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, TINFF, schedule on September 7, 2019, at the York Cinema, Canada; the o [...]
The CEO of Fabjewels, Grace Makun, recently became the new face of Nigeria’s foremost skincare brand known as HUSH'D. Grace signed her first brand am [...]
Global fashion signpost, Dior, has incurred the wrath of the black community for stealing African Styles for its 2020 fashion collection. The luxu [...]
Skincare specialist and Plastic surgeon, Dr. Myla Bennett, has officially signed Jessica White as the brand ambassador of her skincare line, Pretty Rx [...]
1 2 3 8 10 / 75 POSTS