Nigerian Fashion Label responds to Covid-19 needs

In what can be considered a creative ingenuity and brilliance, a fashion label in Nigeria changed its mode of operation by switching from the production of high end and custom made clothing to making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help Covid-19 health workers.

Kente: A Colourful Attire for Diverse Occasions – By Ajibade Morakinyo

Kente cloth is made from thin strips about 4 centimetres thick woven together on narrow looms, typically by men. The strips are interlaced to form a fabric that is usually worn, wrapped around the shoulders and waist like a toga: The garment is also known as Kente. Women wear two shorter lengths to form a […]

Unveiled: Breanna Moore, the African-American lady sparking a global Fashion Revolution

When young African American lady, Breanna Moore visited the West African country of Ghana, she immediately knew Africa was way more than everything she had heard about the continent, and her perception about fashion drastically changed, as she had a new vision to see African inspired designs recognized globally. As an undergraduate at University of […]

AfDB’s Fashionomics exploring the digital space

afdb fashionomics

AfDB’s Fashionomics is exploring the digital space to connect African creatives to global markets. The African Development Bank’s flagship  Fashionomics Africa  initiative has been making great impact helping Africa’s fashion designers, textile and accessories entrepreneurs grow their businesses, with a focus on women and young people, with a website and mobile app unveiled at the […]

Fashion is a line leading to life – CEO, Fizzycollections

Hello! May we know you? My name is Ibrahim Afeez Abiodun. I am a native of Oyo state, Saki west, from the family of Aseperi. I was born and brought up in Oshodi, Lagos and I’m still presently in Oshodi. I went to Ikeja grammar school at Oshodi before changing to Ikeja High School at […]

Nigerian Supermodel, Anita Osikweme announced as host for TINFF 2019

Nigerian Supermodel, Anita Osikweme announced as host for TINFF 2019

In preparation of the 3rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, TINFF, schedule on September 7, 2019, at the York Cinema, Canada; the organizers of the event have announced Nigeria’s supermodel, Anita Osikhena Osikweme as the model host for this year’s edition of the award. The Nigerian model, Anita is currently the brand ambassador […]