Playing Killmonger in ‘Black Panther ‘Led Michael Jordan to Undertake Therapy

Jordan undertaking therapy

Jordan, 31, must have felt immense pressure playing such a morally complex character as Killmonger in the Oscar-nominated Black Panther film, and he admits the experience led him to undertake therapy. Jordan, a supervillain in the movie, was reimagined as a disregarded son of Wakandan royalty who sought to violently avenge his father’s death, topple T’Challa on the throne and, ultimately,

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How foreign agents infected Africans with aids in Mozambique and other nations

Throughout history, tons of events which point to an undying plan and action of the Caucasian man to eliminate the black man in totality have been recorded. The sad happenings of slavery, genocides, and suppression under colonialism, are enough facts to substantiate the above feelings. While Africans are still neck-deep in the disastrous effects of their contact with the Caucasian

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Memories of the Wollof Queen who defended Senegal against French invasion in the 1800s live on forever

The invasion and tearing up of Africa happened on so many fronts and parts of the continent. Sometimes, it is believed that all the wars and brave resistances from Africans were not fully captured or reported. However, those brave Africans who defended our motherland will always be spoken about with pride. Africa did not just surrender to the wickedness of

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How Europeans killed Steve Biko over his fight for black freedom in South Africa

Bantu Stephen Biko should not just be remembered for being a young charismatic African who fought and died; he should be recognized for his thought and his analysis of the African problem. Even more, the solutions he proffered should be embraced and studied all over Africa The Hero would always be remembered in the fight against apartheid and colonial occupation,

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