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Donavia Walker, born limbless and her story is undoubtedly an inspiration to everyone  The 16-year-old Florida native was born with Bilateral Amelia. [...]
Margaret Alexander Walker was a novelist, scholar, poet and teacher who was best known for her 1963 Civil War novel “Jubilee” which has been dubbed t [...]
In Africa, there are several types of local food and one of them is the bean cake (Akara in Yoruba dialect). Interestingly, the so-called Akara by th [...]
During the first millennium, the first black men who existed were exceptional. Of them all, none was compared to Saint Maurice, a black saint in an a [...]
The Head of First World War and Early 20th century conflicts at the Imperial War Museums in London, Alan Wakefield posits that “African soldiers were [...]
When it comes to marriage, aunties and uncles are known to be influential on whoever the spouse brings home. However, for the Banyankole people in So [...]
History to Africans is something that’s given much reverence in Africa. Arguably, African history is everybody’s history. As research has given us a [...]
In the Efik society, the Ekpe masquerade represents an iconic visible spectacle to the people. With its ubiquitous Ekombi dancers, the Ekpe masquerad [...]
Several accounts of history on the life of Charles Darwin were foretold. Some of the several  theories he developed are still relevant today. But lit [...]
In the 61st century, King Ghezo mobilized all forces of the Kingdom to fight the Yorubas who were taking their territories at that time. The forces w [...]
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