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Osariemen Okolo Will Go To The White House

Among the new faces to occupy the White House come January 20 is Osariemen Okolo, an American with 100 percent Nigerian blood. The reason is that President Elect, Joe Biden has appointed her to membership of his COVID-19 Response Team.

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Meet The Naija Wives of Toronto

The ‘Naija Wives of Toronto’ (NWT) is a Canadian reality TV show that chronicles the lives of four beautiful Nigerian Canadian ladies – Abby Ayoola, Emilian Andrew, Uche Nwokeji and Rachel Omobude, as they make a living in Canada. These are successful business women, career professionals, mothers and grandmothers who have been able to overcome challenges of living in a foreign land and all of the attendant problems.

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The Story Of Christmas in Nigeria

December 25 is a day many Christians look forward to, not only in Nigeria, but the world over. Every country has had its first Christmas. It may amaze you that Nigeria had its first Christmas earlier than the USA.

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How Jeph Acheampong Fills Data Science Needs For Africa

It is hardly dubious that data science has become the confluence that every country is heading to. From the private sector to national governments, and for a host of purposes, including the compulsory National Identity Number (NIN) that has become compulsory in Nigeria, the use of data science has become inevitable.

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Bisi Ezerioha’s Porsche Beats Tesla Hands Down

Even though there are many naysayers who believe that electric vehicles are still a long way off, from the vantage point of daily emerging technology, the suffusion of electric cars across the world is far closer than many would like to think.

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