John Amaechi: The Man Whose Word is Worth $17 Million


Not many men in the world today can be adjudged to have as strong a willpower as John Uzoma Amaechi. During his illustrious career as a professional basketball player, Amaechi is well remembered for turning down a $17 million contract offer from the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000, opting to remain in Orlando for $600,000 per year. Later, in a radio interview, when asked why he turned down $17 million offer, his answer was that Orlando had signed him in 1999 when no other team would.

Remembering Achebe the Literary Legend

In 2006, a delegate from Japan at a conference in Germany asked a Nigerian delegate upon introduction: “Have you read ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe?” The Nigerian delegate explains to Africhroyale that he was stunned to hear such a question from a Japanese. But that is an inkling of how far and wide Chinua Achebe’s literary works have impacted the world.

Nigeria’s Chidubem Emerges Best of the Best Graduating Medical Students Globally

When the news broke recently that a Nigerian student, Dr. Chidubem Obi Gerald, had graduated from Sechenov University in Russia with a 5.00 grade point average(gpa), it may not have struck a chord in the minds of many readers that Chidubem had actually emerged among the best of the best graduating medical students globally, but that is the simple implication.

Life and Times of Zimbabwean Businessman, Ginimbi

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi Ginimbi was born on October 10, 1984 into a family of four in the region of Dombosheva. Ginimbi was an alumnus of the Great Zimbabwe University with a Masters of Business Administration.
His venture into business began at an early age where he got involved in the sale of gas and fuel after a friend referred him to other clients. He was reported to have been one of the earliest re-sellers of LP Gas in Zimbabwe.
Ginimbi displayed entrepreneurial skill as a young boy in the buying and selling of Muriwo – a green leafy vegetable rich in Iron and Folate and considered one of the traditional dishes in Harare.

New Jersey born English teacher and entrepreneur, Mesha Rookard, publishes book about growing up in an alcoholic home and “on the wrong side of the redline” in hard-hitting memoir “Inhale, Exhale, Repeat: A Raw Memoir of One Woman’s Journey To Self-Discovery”

A successful English teacher who has travelled the world educating the next generation and has carved out a name as a business owner and real estate investor has released a memoir unravelling the gritty truths of her childhood, in the Jersey inner city, in a memoir that is already making waves in a year when Black voices are being used heard.