Africa is the next global development, human civilizational expansion frontier – CEO Cyrus Acoustics

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Arc. Peter Agada is an acoustics architect having close to two decades of experience in the Nigerian architectural/building space and several multimillion naira projects including estates, industrial and commercial complexes, mega church complexes and auditoriums for both the private and public sector to his credit.

A Change agent, seasoned project developer and seeker for alternative development solutions, Agada won an award in 2011 for writing and developing a social housing solution for Nigeria.

Poised to become Nigeria’s first doctor of architectural acoustics, Agada who is also an ordained pastor running a virtual church in Abuja, is working to bring out several sets of parameters that would benefit younger professionals in the future who would want to design auditoriums.

In this interview with MANNY ITA of AFRICHROYALE, he bares it all out on the paths he went through in life, achievements and challenges, the state of the church today and his calling of leveling mountains and exalting valleys.


Kindly introduce yourself sir

My name is engineer Peter Agada. I am the MD/CEO of Cyrus Acoustics.

Had you always wanted to be an acoustic engineer? If not what events triggered your foray into it?

Let me give you a little situation history. While at the university, I did not plan to study architecture. I was an all-round science student, always coming out with A’s

I passed my jamb but for some reason I was late in going to school. I didn’t get to school before the school of medicine closed. I was asked to come back the following year and I’d be taken, but I never wanted to go back. I heard the word architecture the first time from my uncle who was a lecturer and liked the name so I decided to go for it. I was asked to do some sketches and soon discovered it was all about houses which made me even more angry. In my first year, all the arc subjects I had D’s but had A’s in all the natural science courses. My HOD observed I was good but perhaps not happy with the course. I was very good with the mathematical aspect of the course I was even called Structural architect. Students in the department of building and structural engineering used to come to me for structures. My best friends were structural engineers in the department of architecture. By my third year however, I made up my mind to excel and my grades improved.

At the Masters level, it was such that the entire class would stop me from making my submissions because if I did before the class, they’d fail. It is at that level of masters that you can begin to study acoustics, and because I was very good, the lecturer became my friend. In the history of the school, I scored the highest grade in the course.

The first responsibility to confront me as a graduate was an auditorium of Family worship center, a big hall in Abuja. They wanted the hall to have the same feeling and effect as the Hilton from where they were coming and Hilton was done by an international group with powerful acoustics. As the assistant lead architect saddled with the responsibility of the construction. I was challenged I could not find an answer as to making the place look like Hilton so I had to go back to my lecturer, Dr Gyang, paid him to come to Abuja and support me with the interior and acoustic project of that church auditorium, but from then on the rest is history. So destiny and God shaped and moulded me in that direction.

Does destiny and God also have to do with the name Cyrus Acoustics?

Absolutely. When I say destiny and God, I mean I am called into that field. I was told by someone two years ago to simply refer to myself as ‘church architect’ and carve a niche for myself as that, but I said it is not just about church but places where a lot of people convene.

Talking about destiny and God, when I was rounding up the Family life project, I had a calling while up in the control room screwing the last pieces of glass. I heard a voice say ‘you will continue to do this for me for the rest of your life. From now on you are my Bezaleel and my Cyrus. I didn’t know what Cyrus meant, so immediately I came down, I got to my car, brought out my bible and began checking for Cyrus. Bezaleel was the guy who when Moses got the vision to build the tent from God, after they had left Egypt, and there was no man to interpret it, God directed him to, to aid him with the tent. That means many men of God will have visions of temples which I will aid in bringing to reality. Isaiah 44:28 and 45: 1-5 tells about Cyrus whom God designated to be King of Israel  at the time of rebuilding Jerusalem as a city after it had been in ruins for over a hundred years. God also designed that he would build the temple, the city and the walls. So he was the one that eventually signed the decree for the people of God to be released back to their land  after 70 years in captivity, gave them money to build their city, gave them materials to build their walls and told all the neighbors not to disturb them as they constructed. So what I’m after and what I have been called into in the present day, is the construction of the temple of God which has been lying in ruins. “In the last days I will rebuild again the tabernacle of David which lies in ruins”, the bible says in Amos.

So I am in this not only to showcase the glory of God in the way and manner we finish the building, but also because I’m driving something to liberate the mentality of the captive church and to rebuild the temple; the temple is the heart of men, the wall is the economic and financial system of protection; the city is to restore back peace on the face of the earth when the imbalances,  the mountains have been leveled and the valleys exalted. The bible says the lion and the lamb will dwell together. Right now we all know that if a lion sees a lamb, it will lick its lips, having seen food, but there’s a time coming when the lion and the lamb will sit together. So this is the core drive of Cyrus and I think this is the prophetic reason for which I am here now.

What are some of the jobs undertaken by Cyrus?

Immediately after the Family Worship Centrer auditorium, the next project we undertook was in far away Kafanchang. There was this big prophet who invited me to look at his hall so we went to the Thronerom Trust Ministry and did the altar area. We did the entire hall and other appending structures and it was amazing. From there we went to another auditorium inside Abuja called PPA, Precious Peoples Assembly. We did Grace and Glory Chapel after that and from there we came to citadel. We are now treating the Trinity Towers of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lekki from where we are also believing God to handle the biggest auditorium in the world. We’ve been talking to them and they’re talking to us. They’re waiting for us to come on the 31st of January by the grace of God to make our submissions to them.

What have been the experiences and challenges in getting these jobs?

Citadel as a reference happened in a very interesting way. Pastor Bakare is a mentor, personal friend and political associate. One day we were discussing completely away from projects. He didn’t know I was still in the practice of architecture because he met me as an integrated development consultant. I used to develop industrial master-plans for new towns or new industrial regions. Because of the flair in that, I did a research and analysis of what it would take to industrialize Nigeria and plotted it out with maps.

The then minister of the FCT, Mallam El-Rufai ran into it and was impressed and said ‘ you have taken Nigeria, analysed population, analysed land mass, regional endowment, transportation network, put industries in places based on what is there, seaports and dry ports.’ He said it was national planning and that I’d just solved a national problem, asking how I did it.  I told him I had an office and equipment and anytime we were not so busy in the office, I’d call my staff and we’ll begin to work on other ideas instead of just sitting idle and waiting for jobs to come. In areas I did not have the capacity, I paid for it in producing that document.

When Pastor Bakare and President Buhari ran for the presidency the first time, the document hit his table. He asked me to come see him and I did. We talked and he asked me who was paying me for that, and I told him nobody. Before I got to my hotel room after I’d left him, I got an alert of N1m into my account from him. He took the map everywhere he went, showing people the kind of Nigeria he envisioned. That’s how I met Pastor Bakare.

So when in 2016 we got talking, he told me there was someone trying to design his wall and they were charging him one hundred million naira to do it, he didn’t feel good having to pay such an amount. He asked then what if he didn’t want the design anymore and they said he would have to pay them for another one. I then asked him what design it was and he said it was one they called acoustics. I laughed and asked him how large the hall was and he said a 5 thousand-seater hall already at roofing level. I told him there and then that I’d do the acoustics design for him free of charge. He was like, Peter you have come again o, this one is not infrastructure master-plan. I told him I would do it but on one condition. He asked what the condition was and I told him, he would allow me implement, being the solution provider; letting him know that I couldn’t guarantee him that the working drawing as I did it would all end that way, but assured him that I would solve the acoustic problem before he would use the place. That is how I got to the citadel project. So it was one of the most difficult jobs we embarked on but I was able to scale the hurdle.

There was a project I designed for a military facility for an architect in Kaduna. The architect’s sister was looking for an acoustic architect and she called me after my number was given her. It was a project in Lagos Island for the Lagos State government which they needed completed in 90 days. Once my competence was confirmed, one hundred million naira was paid into my account, even without a job order, and I was able to complete the job within the desired time satisfactorily. The money I needed to do the Citadel job was from there, the shortfall in the APG was conveniently and divinely provided. So you can see the power of the miraculous, and I’ll keep saying I am not into acoustics because of the money but more importantly for the advancement of the work of the kingdom. That is how the jobs has been going on, with a bit of the miraculous.

How old is Cyrus?

Cyrus was registered in 2003 and it has been operating ever since.

You were honored by the President in 2016. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes. I was honored among 29 other Nigerians on the Aso Villa Demo Day in 2016 when the office of the Vice President was delegated to to scan the world and seek Nigerians who have developed one thing or the other especially in the area of science and tech. Out of 4000 people selected globally, it was zeroed to 40 people, who were then invited to Aso Villa for the final run of re-representation of the ideas; and my idea came out tops.

What was your idea?

Tyler Cyrus -an arm of Cyrus acoustics – was honored for developing an armed forces G4 ISR network; i.e an armed forces command control communication computer intelligence surveillance reconnaissance system. It was a system the armed forces were to build a network with. An agreement to build that network with us has already been signed. It is a system to help them with their surveillance, communication and reconnaissance, making them to be combat ready utilizing ICT to see, talk and give commands. It enables them to utilize their own proprietary system not latching upon existing network providers which usually compromise their positions. So what we did was to bring in a new frequency of communication that does not require mast or underwater cables. By the time we put a network over the country it would be called a papilon, a platform where the armed forces can hub and do their operations. That has so far saved a lot of lives. It was on the basis of this that we were honored.

What key areas of expertise should auditorium designs or constructions consider?

Good question. Right now I am doing a doctorate degree at the University of Lagos on acoustics and by the grace of God will end up as the first Nigerian with a doctorate degree in acoustics architecture. I am supervised by Professor Olusanya and Professor Ade. What you just asked is what they want to achieve.They want me to make a new set of information available to Nigerians like a data sheet. We have in architecture what is called architectural data. If for example, you want to design an airport, you will check the data for parameters for such a project. So they want me to bring out several sets of parameters so that it would not be a mystery in the future when younger persons want to design auditoriums, eg the heights, number of walls, reverberations, echo, standing waves, tunnel effect, whispering galleries and all of those challenges that come up in a hall when doing acoustics. The elements are the walls, floors, shape etc. So all of those parameters are what I am researching so architects can design ab initio to make sure they do not have challenges with acoustics in auditoriums.

You have a long term vision of developing tech and innovation hubs for further research into AI, 5G LTE and other future apps in various fields. Do you have the synergies to achieve this?

I reasonably do. At the point where we won the award, I met with Mack Zuckerberg one on one as he was invited to the country at the time. We discussed and exchanged contacts, emails, and he said I should let him know when we are ready to take our project further, that he has access to many pools of relationships, many quiet pools of funds that we can leverage upon. In fact he was so interested in mine; its just that the US does not want to develop anything that is military based with us yet. They were telling me then to try and take my solutions away from just military to the mass of Nigerians. They like to support things that have to do with the masses, that alleviate suffering. So I am working on so many components right now like e-agriculture, e-commerce etc, that can fit into projects that are fund-able, on the one hand. Seed capital can only fund the concepts. On the other hand. When I interacted with Pastor Bakare I understood he was making this Citadel project beyond just a church, and I requested for space in partnership with him to develop an innovation center. He loved it, asked for some write-ups which we gave him and is being looked into right now by the trustees of Latter Rain Assembly. They like the type-sector challenges that we gave in agriculture, health sciences, financial sciences, ICT and military. In the partnership, they will give us space which is a major cost element, and we can bring in google, facebook, major global developers of ICT products, my closest of which is Tila Capital. I also have strong relationship with the US department of Defense. So once we have the platforms ready, these people are ready to come to Nigeria. We’re believing God to raise additional seed capital.

As a policy entrepreneur and synergist on access to African markets and local economies, do you think African economies can be integrated in the forseeable future?

I will draw from my spiritual background answering that. Africa is the next global development, human civilization expansion   frontier. Let me explain; If you go round from Europe where development began, it’s all saturated, the US, infrastructure wise there’s nothing to build, they’ve built all the buildables. In Asia; China, Japan Korea, the Asian tigers have all had their turns. The next place is Africa if you follow that trend. When the ten tribes of Israel got missing, they scattered into Europe and the arc followed them there. From Europe they got to the US and the arc followed them, the arc followed them to Asia. The arc is coming back to Africa its origin and where it was fashioned. Africa has the youngest age bracket in the whole world. If you look at the whole world’s demographics in the next 50 years, while they will be all dead and dying, Africa will be rising. The problem we’re having is with leadership. We don’t have leaders who are ready to die for their children but ones who will kill their children to survive. That order needs to be reversed.

Tell us about your leadership platform

The council of professionals conference. Before we met Pastor Bakare and Buhari in 2010, two years earlier, my friends and I came together and asked ourselves what we could do in the face of the many challenges in the nation. By 2008 my first son was 7 years old, the second was 5 years and my daughter was 14. I looked at the life of these kids as a young growing architect, how it was getting difficult every year. Sometimes they had to stay home because there was no money for school fees and I thought, I am alive now and struggling and the children are having this difficulty. What happens when I’m not there. I projected into the future with the trend of things then and I got scared. So my friends and I came together in trying to seek a solution on a wider scale. The reason things go wrong is because those of us who think we know do not get involved because many feel politics is not for the core professionals. So we sounded the alarm and the first meeting we had in Chelsea hotel in 2008, the place was filled with different professionals of timber and caliber. The question then asked was, what do we do? The first thing we did was to develop a data bank for development information. There were about 15 sectors represented, and taking the health sector for instance, the question was, what does the Nigerian health sector require to do now in order to be able to provide health for every Nigerian free of charge? Truth is, the government needs this kind of policy but the problem is that there are no plans. It takes them a year to do an election; once in office it takes them another year to settle down. By the third year when they want to work, another election year is by the corner distracting. So we said, why don’t we just develop a plan they can ride on; multi-sectoral, health, education etc. So every sector was assigned a room, to recruit more members and refine the information gathered into granular details. By 2010, that was the document Pastor Bakare and President Buhari saw. It wowed them and they asked how we did it. So we gave them the document as they assured they really meant to work. As at today, we are about a million plus professionals.

All active?

Hyperactive, extremely active. We are almost at the point where we are imploding because we are unable to use what we have to develop the country. If you go to governor and say, Governor, this is a way forward for you. They look at it and because of the transparency of the whole thing; its data-based operations system and there’s nothing like, I can chop money and get away with this thing; they tell you they will call you back but they never do. That is the kind of thing Pastor Bakare loves and would be glad to work with. He would love a Nigeria with an auto-developmental pedestal; with developmental processes that would only need to be automated. So that is the capacity of the conference. As we talk now, debates and discussions are going on-line 247 on the platform. It has Nigerians from all fields; the VC, University of Southern Texas is there, the CMD of the biggest hospital in Maryland is there, Nigerians in NASA are there. We have a Nigerian in Singapore who is the only person producing a certain vaccine in that country, he is also one of us. Ambassadors are there and virtually every field is represented in the conference.

What are the core values of your operations?

My operations are at multi levels but all basically have the same value systems. We are driven by love; I mean empathy. The core call of Cyrus is to level mountains and exalt valleys; to sort out the life of humanity in the earth to be exactly the way God wanted it to be. It has been corrupted. So there’s a cry in our hearts to ameliorate and mitigate the sufferings of the people beyond charity; setting up systems that can make men fishers and not just giving them fish. To empower the vulnerable and calm down the extremely distorted in terms of the rich; these are very very strong in what we do. Every other virtue follows; integrity, justice, mercy, righteousness, probity, accountability etc. As a person, these are what drive me and what I try to imbibe in my staff. I try to give them the vision. You don’t need to drive things in such a way that when you’re not there it’s dead. I make them own the vision.

Apparently you  have a passion for humanity, you are a developer of comprehensive approaches to projects that impact the lives of people, protecting the vulnerable and endangered. What fuels this passion?

I had an interesting upbringing. My father was in the army and retired as a warrant officer 1. I was born and brought up in Ikeja cantonment. I remember coming to Lagos from Kaduna in 1988 to collect my father’s salary because he was busy and couldn’t come. I had just rounded up my secondary school. So he wrote me a cheque of N234.00 which was his salary. My transport to Lagos in a luxurious bus was N19.00 and same on return. I was to move immediately to Jos on return for my university. My father gave me N60.00 to go to Jos. Accommodation was N39.00 while the departmental fee was twenty plus naira. So I could only pay for those two and didn’t have any money to survive with, and I was in architecture where we buy paper every week. However, I came to the hostel with groundnuts. My mother gave me a full bag of groundnut, small rice, small beans. So in school, I would have to wait for my mates to finish their work and go to sleep mostly at 2/3am before I could start mine because their set squares and other tools used for study would have been free then since I could not afford to buy mine. There was a Benue scholarship that came in the 2nd/3rd year which gave some relief. By this time however, I was carrying my portfolio along the big corporate streets of Jos where all the big companies and banks are domiciled peddling myself. I’d walk into a bank and ask for the chief accountant. I’d introduce myself as an architectural student and say I could draw their houses at a discount if they were ready to build. I needed to work to earn money. I ran into one accountant in First Bank, Mr Obi who wanted to build a house though not immediately. He asked me to get him a land, so I went to the Lands and Survey department to find out who does land. There I met one surveyor who told me he had a land. He took me there, showed me the land and gave me a paper. I went back to Mr Obi, but he was no more interested in the house. However, the surveyor who took me to show the land ran into a client who wanted to build a house and wanted an architect. He called and told me and asked how much I would charge for the plan. Because he was charged in hundreds of thousands in Lagos to do the design, when I told him I’d charge N60,000.00, he rushed me and immediately paid me N5,000.00. Prior to that time, I had never had such money. It came like gold in one bunch. So the man paid me N5,000.00 every month for a whole year to do that design and that was how I survived. After that first money my father gave me, I never went back for anything again. I survived on my own.

So when I look at what I went through in life and I see another person go through it, I’d rather die before that person will continue on that path. I was watching the movie “In pursuit of Happiness” of Will Smith and his son and I thought how a reflection of my own life story it was. God used that to stretch me and let me know there were many people in the earth like that. So right now, if I see it or smell it, I fix it. And let me say this, I have enjoyed the mercy and favor of God and still enjoy it so I do not see why I should not distribute it. My journey is one of mercy. God always uses men to carry out his will here on earth. I believe He is raising me for that.

Interestingly you are also a pastor. What is your calling in the ministry?

I was ordained by three men of God but led by one. In my last year in the university, I joined a ministry called Zoe Christian Center which eventually got changed to ‘The Parliament’. My Pastor’s name was Emmanuel Kano. I didn’t stay long there anyway as I had to go for my youth service in Abuja after which I continued life there. Three years after, he called me and told me he was starting The Parliament in Abuja and invited me to come worship there the coming Sunday. So I told my wife we were not going to worship in House on the Rock where we usually do on that Sunday but at The Parliament. She wasn’t happy but we went. We continued worshiping there until one day he said ‘Peter you need to be ordained’. I told him I was an architect and tried to shy away from it, but he said God told him to do it and I should go pray about it. So I went and prayed and what I heard was ‘ you have an anointing, you are going to be part of the end-time army. Whether they call it Pastor or prophet, just accept it, you need the oil on your head’. On the day of the ordination, to my surprise, I saw Emmanuel Kure of the Throne Room Church, I didn’t know he would be part of the ordination. I also saw I.S. James of Glory Center, an intelligent apostle whom I have respect for. When my pastor was about to ordain me by pouring the oil, Reverend Kure came up and asked him to step aside. Rev. Kure poured the oil and spoke the word, and I heard the word ‘you are an apostle to the nations’. This was on December 7, 2003.

I was teaching in the church one day when the senior pastor walked in. He had been hearing rumors that the way I was going, the whole church was loyal to me and not to him. So he walked in that day and stopped me from teaching. I was even about announcing the senior pastor was around but he told me to just drop the mic and take a seat. He said he had been hearing what I was doing in the church and asked me to get out of the church, so I left and went to my house. On several subsequent Sundays I came to church, and he asked me to sit at the back which I did until he finally asked me one day not to come again, so I left. In about three weeks of not going to the church, the entire church came to my house so we could begin a church, but I told them I couldn’t take them even if I wanted to start a church as they were the flock of Emmanuel Kano. They left but never went back to that church.

Prayerfully, I began a fellowship in my house. It began to grow and the rest is history as we now run a church called ‘The present Truth Center’.  in Abuja.

There’s something called the present truth in 2 Peter 1:12. At that time Peter warned the entire Christian fold that they should strive to be established in the present truth. There’s a present truth and an old truth. Let me corroborate this by saying this; the bible says ‘he that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying’, and not ‘said’. So the entire church today is unable to rightly divide the word of truth. We are mixing it up. The truth is not clear and Pentecostalism that was sold to us from America is the worst enemy of God. It has developed a man-centered, need-oriented and entertainment based church, establishing confusion. It is the enemy’s masterstroke of getting the people of God. The confusion we have in the body of Christ today is because of Pentecostal movement given rise to by the 1904 Azuza street revival in the US which was initiated by a blind man, Williams Joseph Seymour. How can a blind man’s revolution be the final frontier of the church? It has given the enemy more ground inside the body of Christ in this age than at any other time. So God is calling out his saints from the system.

How do you run the church when you are not in Abuja?

The Present Truth Center is online; we run a virtual church. PTC is a community. We musn’t all be in church on Sundays. We are live everyday. Our core emphasis is digging deep and looking forward to the present speakers of God on a daily basis. The bible says the spirit speaketh speaketh expressly in the last days. The speakings of God are much but the church is not picking it; It is rather science and tech that are picking it. Anyone parading the spirit realm surely collides with what God is doing. God wants us to be Christ-like. Before Jesus was taken up, he prayed a prayer. Standing two meters from the church people on Mt Olives, he said ‘ heavenly father, let these ones be even where I am now’. They were all standing on the earth, so it wasn’t just a physical thing. Jesus Christ had an immortal body that had risen from the dead but it didn’t have blood any more because all the blood had been drained at Calvary. But he was a man and not a spirit; a man that had been restored back to the glory of the first Adam in the garden who fell. So God fulfilled his promise of restoring Adam back to the earth by doing so in Christ. Jesus was praying for God to give them immortality, that their bodies be translated from the fallen nature to the immortal one. There is a process and procedure from this fallen body to the immortal body, which is what the church should be talking about. That is the only thing that would bring this world back to Christ. In Isaiah, the bible says, in the last days, the mountains in the lord’s house shall be established above the hills and all the nations of the earth shall stream into it. It says the law; the principle for life and government shall emanate from Zion, which is the church. Our core journey is coming to immortality. As we travel towards immortality, approaching it, suddenly, in a twinkle of an eye, we shall be taken. We will not be sleeping, eating, growing fat, flying jets and think the trumpet will sound. Never.

When you’re not working, what do you do?

I just read and watch DSTV. I also love to listen to worship songs, especially rock worship, Hillsong, Bethel etc.

Is your daughter beside you also an engineer?

She studied performing Arts. What God has done is taking the things I couldn’t do and bestowing them on my children. I was burning with acting and music in Lagos. My dad actually whisked me out of Lagos because I was in the club every Friday singing and break-dancing. So my kids have it. She sings and acts and is also a writer. My son David also shares a character I have.

How many children have you?

Five. Two girls and three boys.

As a busy person how you find the time to relax with your family?

When I’m not on site or in Lagos, I just make sure I redeem the time and our best moments are when we worship and also have discussions on the bible, especially bordering immortality.  All of them are really deep into it. Not long ago when we were praying, my last daughter just broke into tears and nobody could stop her. She said “Jesus came….he came! I saw him! he was sitting here!” She was crying crying profusely. There are immortal men in the earth now. If you meet Salvary Sadhu, you will have goose pimples from when you meet him until you leave. He’s an Indian and doesn’t wear shoes. He said he meets with John the Revelator who wrote the book of Revelation and said he is not dead. That corroborates what Jesus said when he told them they would not die until they see him come. They are alive, just that they are immortals who move in and out of the spirit realm. That is how Christ is. He is not a spirit. When he rose from the dead, he asked Thomas to put his finger on the hole in his hand. Can you put your hand on a spirit? He ate bread with them and drank wine. Jesus is a resurrected body. So that is the drive of the PTC; the pursuit of immortality.

Do you have any other project in the offing?

I have a major architectural housing solution going on. I won an award in 2011 for writing and developing a social housing solution for Nigeria. The then minister of housing, Ama-Pepple called for people to come and show her how they could build a house for N1m but I presented a house for N400,000.00 in an estate -a room, toilet and kitchen- and I took them to see it. She was so interested she said I should replicate it nationwide. She signed an agreement with me and said she would provide me infrastructure, i.e road, water and power everywhere that I have lands to build such houses. It was approved by the FEC and signed into law. So we began the pilot but didn’t have the funds to acquire lands and we struggled through that. However, God has helped me to zero into 5 hectares of land that are all mine and in one location. The Federal Government has done the roads into it, 500 meters away from the Keffi-Abuja highway and they’ve tarred all the roads in the estate and put drainage. So I’m believing God to start building those kind of houses for the masses.

Are you thinking of going into politics?

I just want to solve problems. I like to develop policies per sector on the way forward and then do the technicalities; plans, programs, projects. But whether I want to sit where they spend the money, I’m not sure.

What is your favorite food?

Moi Moi, fish and salad together

Three words to describe yourself

Set to cause change

If you had the opportunity to seat where President Buhari sits for two days, what would be your primary focus?

I would on the first day immediately convene a national conference of women and children who are the vulnerable; and the first plan would be a program to empower that sector because the strength of any economy is the operation of women, and I just wonder why we don’t seem to know. About 55% of the population is women and if the woman is empowered, the home is taken care of. So I’d set up a system on auto-pilot and it would be ingrained in the constitution, exclusive, sacrosanct, running on its own and powered from oil to keep strengthening the women and youths continually. Then the building of infrastructure would be the next.

It was nice talking with you sir.

The pleasure is all mine.

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