African Migrants in Australia Getting Empowered Through  Computer Tech

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african migrants

Young African migrants in Australia have been availed the opportunity to acquire technical skills by the State Library of Queensland and today, they are participating in a competition to rebuild a computer.
The library set up the program to make the most of electronic waste, reusing the pile of old government computers that are supposed to be good for scrap.
“They’re taking over this computer. When they dismantle it, they also clean it, they learn how to connect everything and replace parts. And at the end of the program, they have the opportunity to take these computers home,” said Michelle Brown, Program Officer.
The library set up the program to reuse electronic waste;
Young migrants learn digital and technical skills in this course designed to increase their employability and self-confidence.
Tamenya Gonzaga, who has moved from Uganda to Australia, is one of the lead trainees.
“I myself am an immigrant and I know what they are going through, I know where they went and I know their stories,” said Tamenya Gonzaga, Program Facilitator.
Many students come from countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Kenya, and Rwanda.
At 17, Shahab Moheb wants to work in cybersecurity.
“It’s just fun and interesting for me, “said Shahab Moheb, student.
To date, approximately 100 students have completed the program and have learned how to use computer hardware, software and operating systems.
“We would really like to see this extended to all of Queensland and Australia, as well as to organizations such as TAFEs and even schools, “Lisa Siganto, Siganto Family Foundation.
In the meantime, the library hopes to involve more women.

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“The first day was really hard and I was sure I wouldn’t come back. But then, she said, you can do it, I’m going to be here with you. And I said to myself, “Okay, “Innocent Adyero, student.
Adyero now wants to use her new skills and computer to gain a community service qualification.

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