AI ‘Boogie’ Robertson; the African-American Drag Racer making history with one arm

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AI 'Boogie' Robertson; the African-American Drag Racer making history with one arm

AI Robertson, widely known on the racetrack as ‘AI Boogie, is a popular African American grudge drag racer, dominating the competition with his only arm left. It has been recorded that the amputated-racer has more wins than any other racer in history.

As they prepare to take on another season, AI Boogie Robertson with his crew, called ‘The Southern Assassins’, are set to take on the tracks again with their world-famous sports car ‘Honcho the Camera’.

Grudge drag racing is a competition which attracts thousands every weekend from all over the United States and the world. It features different types of sports cars with scaring nitro.

With all the brands of cars in the competition, no car has ever beaten AI Boogie’s Honcho, despite driving with only one arm. He has the most winning records in the competition.  He has lost only ten races since the early 1990s.

AI Boogie’s crew member ‘The Southern Assassins, comprise of AI, Clint, and Tick. They built the Honcho Camaro – his car – with only $175,000. “No car has ever beaten Honcho,” AI Boogie said proudly. Commentators have said that the trio of Mech Techs could turn even a Pinto into a tar-burning Tarantula!

During his years of dominance, he was convicted of drug wrap and jailed, which halted his reign. According to him “I was set up,” said Boogie. Since his release in 2016, AI Boogie and the Southern Assassins have resumed from where they stopped. He said, “We don’t run away from a challenge.”

AI grew up in a poor neighborhood in North Carolina. But his stepfather allowed him to ride the family hotrod when he was twelve. He said “He let me feel its horsepower,” after that AI was hooked and fell for cars.

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