‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestants Get Mixed Up in Witchcraft Practicing Accusation

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Things got a little witchy on’ Bachelor in Paradise’ when one contestant accused another of practicing witchcraft. Where does ABC even find these people? Obviously, Russian Paradise-goer Shushanna is not a witch, but Kamil, a contestant on the most recent season of The Bachelorette, thought otherwise, and he let everyone know that they should stay far, far away from her.
As with most things Paradise, the witchcraft situation started with a love triangle. Kamil has been hooking up with a girl named Annaliese (fans may recognize her from Arie’s season of The Bachelor), but Shushanna wanted him for herself, so she took him out on a date. The two didn’t have much chemistry, but Shushanna wouldn’t let it go, and she later pulled Kamil aside to profess her feelings for him. Rather than politely distance himself, Kamil ran to Annaliese and told her that Shushanna was a witch who refused to leave him alone (I know, I know).
“I think she’s using her Russian witch-crafters on me,” Kamil told Annaliese. The Bachelor contestant could have just laughed, but instead, she decided to start some shit and tell Shushanna what Kamil said. Obviously, Shushanna cried. “First I’m a Russian hooker, then I’m European trash, now I’m a witch,” she said through tears.
As word spread about Shushanna’s witchy abilities, her fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestants got in on the fun. The bartender hilariously called the situation a “Russian witch hunt” (well played, dude, well played), and Kevin and Astrid, another couple, helped spread the word around the island. And can you blame them? If hooking up and drinking all day is starting to get old, calling someone a witch will certainly spice things up a bit.
Was it fair for the Paradise stars to call Shushanna a witch? Probably not. But does it really matter? Not really. This is Bachelor in Paradise. The stakes couldn’t be any lower — and that’s what’s so great about it.

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