Black women discover cancer cure, receive $1.1 million grant

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Black women

For centuries, blacks have been pacesetters in science and technology and other areas that deal with human interest. This perhaps is not surprising on account of their remarkable feats. True to this, a black and beautiful heroine named Hadiyah- Nicole Green,  a doctor by profession has made history as the first in the world to successfully develop a cure for cancer in mice. According to reports, Dr. Green successfully accomplished this feat using laser-activated nanoparticles.

According to Dr. Green, the nanoparticle technology was able to cure cancer in mice after the pre-testing. This was done within 15 days. Also, cure is said to be able to replicate and it does not require surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

In line with this great feat, Dr. Green received a grant of $1.1 million to advance her nanoparticle cancer treatment research.

Dr. Green was inspired to develop a cancer cure after losing someone dear to her in the hands of cancer, her aunt, Ora Lee and her uncle General Lee Smith who was also diagnosed with cancer and experienced negative effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Dr. Hadiyah- Nicole Green, who is highly educated holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Optics from Alabama A & M University. Afterwards, she earned her Master’s degree in Physics from the prestigious University of Alabama at Birmingham, United Kingdom. The interesting story was that Dr. Green was on scholarships for both degrees. She has committed a prime time of her life to medical research, and scientific investigations.

After earning these degrees, she participated at the Comprehensive Cancer Center for a span of five years and specifically worked in the department of pathology for one year.

She established a nonprofit organization, Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation in memory of her aunt. Through this NGO, she has combat cancer with the help of laser-activated nanoparticles. Her goal is to continue to make cancer treatment accessible, affordable and effective. She is happily inspiring, connecting and empowering young black students globally.

Dr. Green is making a great impact on cancer treatments/cure. According to the American Cancer Society, a statistics of 606,520 people will likely die from cancer in 2020 in the U.S alone. This is aggregate of 1,660 people that will likely die daily from cancer in 2020.

About 69% of people diagnosed with cancer between 2009 and 2015 are still alive five years after their supposed expected date of death. This tally is higher than the people that were diagnosed between 1975 and 1977.

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