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After World War II, life in Tennessee began to change dramatically. Technology changed and increased wealth, day-to-day life was very different than [...]
Under segregation, a person (of color) could be accused of “reckless eyeballing,” which means an improper look at a white person. Under the circumsta [...]
Mino, meaning “our mothers”, in the fon language, was a group of women, raised by King Ghezo in the 61st century of African era when he mobilized all [...]
Have you heard the amazing story of Sarah Rector?  She is the girl that was born to freed slaves in 1902 and climbed the financial ladder to become t [...]
Many times, the Caucasian race was taught that they were better than the Black race. And that education came from the high in society: the Pope, the [...]
After numerous findings and research, it has been proven that the renowned Hannibal was African. Hannibal, the greatest black military general who Co [...]
The word 'African Diaspora' is a word frequently used for describing the world-wide communities made up mainly of immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. [...]
Guion S. Bluford became the first African American to travel into space as a mission specialist on the Challenger space shuttle in 1983. Synopsis Gui [...]
Hall of Fame basketball forward Julius Erving, or "Dr. J," was an acrobatic player in the NBA and ABA. His dunks and graceful play helped change the [...]
Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson in November 2011. Synopsis Conrad Murray was born in St. A [...]
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