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Nigerian elite comedian and compere, Gbenga Adeyinka has been busy mentoring youths through a platform carved for that initiative called 'laugh matte [...]
Dr. Kofi Smith is President & CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company. He joined the company when he was 35 years old as the youngest person [...]
Nine year Malaika from Uganda is an inspiration to her generation as she is busy making deodorants for children. What could have inspired her to wade [...]
For many reasons which lack ingenuity, many have abandoned their dreams to chase someone’s dreams. Success as simple as it is called wields great sac [...]
“I lived on the streets with the other street kids, combed the markets for food"--Africa’s one hand photographer, Patience Dositha Sometimes life's u [...]
Nigeria's literary queen, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has been named 'Woman of the Decade' Editor's Choice by ThisDay Newspaper in celebration of their [...]
The world is still recovering from the shock news of the death of Nigerian Highlife music icon, Sir Victor Olaiya, who was proclaimed dwas this eveni [...]
Indeed, the black man contributed the most towards the building of America. Black people made America great by their works and labour, sweat, and inge [...]
Abeto Menelik-Sahle Maryam of Ethiopia is the greatest figure of resistance against colonial invasion in Africa. Thanks to this African legend, Ethio [...]
The only passenger in the ship was Robert Stubbs, a former captain of slave ships who was appointed by the African Committee of the Royal African Com [...]
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