Comedian Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth Turns 40

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Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth has added one more year to his age. The comedian who recently won an award is now 40 years old.
Being a celebrity who is known for causing waves of laughter among his friends and families, he is sure to have a lot of people felicitate him on his birthday. His wife Elsie stands up tall as his number one fan and she proves this to him through the amazing message she wrote to him on this meritorious occasion.
But in her lengthy message to her husband, Elsie did not just talk about him as a comedian, she talked about their beautiful relationship, how lucky she was to be his wife and how much a good partner he was to her.
Even more, the wife of the award-winning comedian who has begun to pick up movie roles adulated his handsomeness that seems to get only better with time. In short, Basketmouth’s wifey expressed the full measure of her love for her husband within these words:
“Happyyyyyyy birthday boobooDude you’re 40!!!!!! Damnnnnn!!!!! you’re one fineeee 40yr old you know! Looking better with age, and a whole lot sexier, making me so proud that you’re all mine!!!!!!!!!
“I just want you to know that You are such an amazing human, a superb dad, and the best hubby ever! With you, nothing is impossible to achieve when you set your heart to it. I know how good i feel whenever i have an issue and you say “don’t worry baby, I’ll sort it out”, and sorted it will be. You have set excellent standards which you have successfully achieved and surpassed, it all just balls down to the fact that you’re one hell of a hardworker and I’m extremely proud of you. And Today I celebrate you and all your achievements and Success. Cheers to the beginning of a new awesome life that is starting today! Cheers to 60 more years on earth, Cheers to many more loving . Cheers to many more great things to come. God has blessed you my baby. Now Lets Celebrate!!!!!!!!!”
However, the beautiful Elsie was not the only one who thought Basketmouth was the best thing that could ever happen to anyone, other people did too. An example is Elsie’s sister identified as Chinny on Instagram who wrote a beautiful post celebrating her brother-in-law.
Celebrities showed that they were not to be left out in praising the person of Basketmouth. Popular R & B musician Banky W was one of them. Not only did wish the comedian whom he considered a brother a happy birthday, he also went on to give a narration of one of the many times the 40-year-old prove that he was a real friend.
“Almost a year ago, I was recovering from Cancer surgery in the US. It was a trying time for me.. for weeks I could barely move, I had tubes running out of my back draining blood, I was on so many pain meds and even then EVERYthing still hurt like hell. And one day out of the blue, @basketmouth called me to see how I was doing. He knew I was in the US but I hadn’t told him about the surgery. We’d been friends for a long time, so when he sensed something was up, I told him what I was dealing with.
Now at the time, he was on tour, while also visiting/caring for his family.. but as soon as he heard the details, he insisted on coming to visit me the next day before flying to Texas. He asked if I needed anything and I said no, but he kept insisting that there must be some groceries in Momsie’s house that were finished, or something that I needed from the store that he could bring. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I said okay, pls bring me a bottle of apple juice.
My brother got a friend to drive him almost an hour out of their way, and showed up at the front door with like 3 months worth of apple juice. I kid you not. The bottles were MASSIVE. And then he sat with me for a couple hours, before his flight. We talked, he made me laugh, we compared testimonies and war stories, and just spent time catching up. We encouraged each other, and in a period where almost every day was incredibly painful, rough and downright depressing, he was an unexpected ray of sunshine that made me feel so much better.
So today I want to thank him for being my friend especially when I really needed one. Sometimes, that strong person who everyone leans on, needs someone to lean on too. He’s one of the most gifted & accomplished entertainers I’ve ever met.. but more importantly, he’s one of the kindest. May God bless you and reward you for all you do for others. May your back never be weary from the loads you bear. May your children be greater than you are. May the rest of your years be the best of your years. May your show at EKO HOTEL ON THE 29TH AND 30TH OF SEPT BE SOLD OUT. Honoured to call you my friend. Happy birthday bro.”
It appears that Basketmouth is much loved among his family, friends and as many as he comes in contact with.

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