David Oyelowo and The Big Screen…

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With numerous success attained in the world film industry and nominated for an award twice at Golden Globe for his performance in Selma, Nightingale, this unrelenting Nigerian has found a home in the heart of movie lovers all around the world,( especially with his fans). Call it luck or coincidence, the world only care about his unique make-believe that creates a long lasting impression after watching his character part in each movie he features in.

This successful actor has signed up for Chaos Walking, adaptation of the science fiction saga created by Patrick Ness ( A monster comes to see me ) where Daisy Ridley ( Star Wars: The Last Jedi ) and Tom Holland ( Spider-Man: Homecoming) who are the main protagonists among many other popular movies which he has starred in .

This uncommon Nigerian keeps minds wondering on how he arrived at this rare destination. We now present to you David Oyelowo…

David Oyelowo is a Nigerian, born by Nigerian parents. He attended the university city of Oxford where he found acting or else, acting found him.

Not so many people know what pushed him to his destiny, but his carrier as an actor started some-worth accidentally, when trying to please a girl he was in love with.

Since love was the motivation behind his action, it did not take long before he was possessed with acting like a demon, and surrendered to this “accidental carrier.”

How really did David start this carrier that saw him to fame?…

Oyelowo’s passion started and continued as he began taking classes before entering the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he was trained as an interpreter. In 1999, when he graduated, he was recruited by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the first on the wrung of his ladder of success at the world of London Theater.

Two years later he made his debut on the big screen with the film: Dog Eat Dog, followed by As You Like It, then The Last King of Scotland. Other films he featured in are: Maids and Ladies , Jack Reacher , Lincoln where he managed to establish himself in the world of cinema.

In the following years, his merits in films as diverse as The Butler, Interstellar, The Most Violent Year, A United Kingdom and, above all, Selma, made him one of the most sought-after black actors in the industry.

David Oyelowo featured in God Particle, a science fiction mystery produced by JJ Abrams. His company Bad Robot allied with Paramount to try to repeat the success achieved in 2008 with the discreet Monstruoso (‘Cloverfield’), and just sometimes ago with the most interesting Calle Cloverfield 10 (’10 Cloverfield Lane’).

God Particle is being sold as a high-concept project that tells the story of a group of astronauts who make a terrifying discovery, which leads them to struggle to stay alive and also to rethink everything they thought was real .The movie is a new addition to the universe’s movie.

David is not the only success attributed to the movie, there is also another Nigerian, who is a director behind the camera of this movie known as Julius Onah. He made his feature film debut with The Girl is in Trouble, and his cast features Gugu Mbatha-Raw , later seen in The truth hurts (‘Concussion’). On the other hand, the script is in charge of Oren Uziel- We were few and the aliens arrived (‘Freaks of Nature’).
The filming was released during the second quarter of 2016.This movie was after Oyelowo recording of the new Nash Edgerton. The God particle premiered in February 24, 2017. David and the team really worked hard on this project, working on it since 2012.

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