France, Nigeria moves to strengthen relations with music

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France, Nigeria moves to strengthen relations with music

The Institut français du Nigéria has herald plans to use the annual celebration of the Make Music Day aka World Music Day or Fête de la Musique to strengthen ties between both countries.

In a statement released by Cécile Mercier, Cultural Programme officer of the Institut, it states that the celebration, scheduled to hold on Friday, June 21, 2019, would boost relations between France and Nigeria; by celebrating this year’s edition in Nigeria.

Now in its 38th edition, the concert will host series of amateur musicians who will invade the capital’s streets and bars to properly celebrate the event.

“Fête de la musique, in French” is an annual music celebration that takes place globally on every 21st of June.

She said that the citizens country are allowed and encouraged to play music outside their neighborhoods or in public parks and spaces.

“The musical concert is a free one, where all musicians play for fun and not for cash”.

Make Music Day or Fête de la Musique was created in 1982 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Jack Lang and Maurice Fleuret and was first celebrated in Paris in 1982. ” Make Music ” so explains the watchword which used to sound like everything but a slogan. This event gathers amateur and professional musicians and the focus on all genres of music. This event is the translation of a policy which tried to make way to amateur jazz, rock or traditional singers and musicians.

It became popular in 1985, the European year of music. In less than fifteen years, more than a hundred countries spread across the five continents had introduced Fête de la Musique in their respective country.

Mercier said, “The concert is now celebrated in over 120 countries around the globe; this year, the Institut français du Nigéria decided to put a spotlight on electronic music, inviting a French DJ based in Africa, Praktika “

“He has been residing in West Africa; Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and now Mali, for 5 years, which denotes the breadth and originality of his music style. He infuses African tones into his music, and the result is definitely worth it.”

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She concluded that after a two-day workshop and co-creation with local artists “talking drums and other instruments” there would be two-hour DJ set by Praktika at the Institut.

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