How I Almost Quit My Acting Career – Funke Akindele

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Funke Akindele

Popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele, who is happily married to singer, JJC Skillz, has revealed how she struggled in the early years of her acting career and almost wanted out. The mother of twins talked about how she almost lost hope in her career. She stated that her mother was among those who encouraged her not to give up hopes.

According to her, she endured so much disappointment until her big break in a soap opera ‘I Need to Know’ launched her career. She said, “I want you to look at me and my story. When I first started my career in 1998, I remember how I struggled to get up there. I got lots of ‘NOs’. I was popular for auditioning and would end up being given ‘wakapass’. I would pass the auditioning well and people would clap, thinking I would even get a supporting role. But all I got were roles like Church extras. I remember crying on those occasions vividly”.

“But my mother was always there for me. She would tell me that I have got the passion and it is a God-given talent. She would spare me transport fare; sometimes I would trek to some places then take a bus to get there early”.

“I could count the number of wears I had then, I had two to three shoes. But today that’s history. Things have changed today”.

“After “I need to know’, I didn’t get any roles. I went down; got back to attending auditions and lobbying, knocking on doors and calling people but none answered. I felt I had lost my chance”.

“I remember going for a project and I met an actress who spoke to the producer on my behalf. Then, I went to Osogbo for the movie. I was excited because I was told I was going to play a supporting role. On getting there, we were supposed to film immediately. But the generator didn’t respond and prevented us from filming. I waited patiently at my hotel room but they did not call”.

“On the fifth day, they put a call through and I was left in shock. I was asked to play the role of a secretary in two scenes. This was after playing the major character in ‘I Need to Know’. It was frustrating for me. I cried my eyes out, but an actor advised I take it”.

“I took the stipends I was given sadly and returned to Lagos”, she said.

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Funke Akindele concluded that there were several occasions that convinced her to quit. However, her mother’s word kept encouraging her till she got her big breakthrough.

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