I Want toHelp Shape the Life of the Girl Child in an Era When Social Media Affect Choices- Desire Luzinda

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Ugandan Musician Desire Luzinda recently set her life on a new path. She quit secular music, a decision she says she has been on her mind for a long time.
Desire first made the announcement on her birthday last month. She divulged into details on Monday at Sky Lounge, where she hosted members of the press to listen to her album, Transition that consists of seventeen songs.
As earlier revealed, she confirmed this is her last album featuring secular music.
She says she is going to be singing in a church choir and getting involved in outreach programs aimed at inspiring girls.
Since her nudes leaked in 2014, Desire says she has never been the same. Her life took a turn. Her career skyrocketed, but most importantly she said, “I felt compelled to share my story with the young generation especially girls. We live in an era of social media which affect the choices of a girl child in shaping their lifestyles and prospects. I want help them in making choices.”
She is a victim of sexual harassment, cyber scorn and feels the desire to share her experience.
She will be doing her education through what she christened, Girls and Goals.

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Africh Royale

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