John Grisham Rode on Failure to Become a Bestselling Author

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John Grisham has more than 275 million books in print.

Whoever told you that you only have to write a good book lied to you. Whoever told it was easy and smooth also wasn’t truthful.
Things will never be smooth and you won’t succeed without coming across failure once in a while. But truth remains that you will succeed only if you don’t give up after the failure.

Grisham was a lawyer, who loved to write. He is a household name among readers and non-readers alike selling millions of copies of his legally based investigative books. However, it wasn’t just smooth sailing to the bestsellers nook as he had his fair share of failure. With resilience, determination and a strong will to succeed, he made it.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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