Kenya’s Flower Farming Stabilizing amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Floriculture business in Kenya is one of the thriving areas in the nation’s agricultural sector which makes it rank first on the continent and fourth in the world as the biggest exporter.

The nation’s Flower Council put the figure of export at a growth rate of 10% over a period of three decades.

The success of the flourishing sector is attributed to the region’s fine weather, rich soil, well-trained workforce as well as a number of packages and practices designed by relevant agencies and authorities.

Lilies, Carnations, Alstromeria, Hypericum, Gypsophilia, Arabicum and Roses – takes about 70% of the total, are some of the flowers exported to the United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Asiaand Netherland.

But 50% of Kenya’s export goes to Netherland who re-export to other countries. While Netherland’s export is valued at $4,603,636,000 making it the first in the world, Kenya occupies fourth in global standing with a reported value of $709,402,000.

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 earlier in the year have weakened demand thereby, reducing the export of flowers as a number of countries imposed lockdown regulations to control the spread of the virus.

The reduction in the value of export to Netherland is put at Sh8.8 billion, a sharp decline from Sh11.4 billion from last year.

According to reports, the Kenyan Flower Council have emphasised that normalcy is beginning to return to the sector following the relative ease in lockdown restrictions in European countries as well as a number of intervention programmes by relevant local authorities.

In an article authored by Dr. Marube, the CEO of Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency, he said, “The expected stimulus package to the horticultural sector should improve on the competitiveness of the sector by stabilising national production.”

He concluded that, “Kenya’s commitment to facilitate trade remains steadfast: As witnessed, investment into logistic support has been prioritized.”

The Floriculture industry also contributes employment opportunities in a wide spectrum of the sector’s value chain and also make up 1.1% of the nation’s GDP.

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