Mabou Loiseau: The 8-year-old girl who speaks 8 languages and plays 8 instruments

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Mabou Loiseau

In the adventure of life, there are some feats that look and sound  unachievable. But which with hard work and persistence, become reality. 

What seems like an impossible mission for many, is what a black 8-year-old is doing with ease. Little Miss Mabou Loiseau is the name of the black American teenager, who is performing wonders with her hands. 

It was reported that Mabou has the ability to play 8 instruments without an error play. The genius little girl plays eight instruments which include: the piano, violin, guitar, harp, clarinet, conga, drums, and the flute.

During an interview where she was asked how she got her training, she replied that she was born that way. Her reply has left some instrumentalists dumbfounded as this is quite impossible at such an age. 

In addition to her intelligence, she also has the ability to speak 8 languages without stammering or switching them together. 

According to an article on, she can “fluently read, write and speak French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Haitian Creole, Japanese, and she even knows sign language,” this is aside from her mother’s tongue, English.

At just a year and a half the New York native began repeating French words that had not been spoken by the family, that’s when her parents discovered they needed to cultivate this little girl’s talent.

Obviously, learning multilingual is a great deal which everyone would aspire to get. Yet an 8-year-old who is yet to discover the significance of these gifts has the ability.

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