Mambinge and Sibanda Emerge 2019 Zimbabwe Mr. and Miss Albinism

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Mambinge and Sibanda Emerge 2019 Zimbabwe Mr. and Miss Albinism

Zimbabwe has just concluded the 2019 Albinism Beauty Contest in a colorful ceremony that saw 21-year-old fitness trainer Edson Mambinge and 18-year-old model Ayanda Sibanda beat several other contestants to win the 2019 edition of the contest which witnessed the introduction of Mr Albinism Zimbabwe.

The Albinism Beauty Contest is organised yearly in Zimbabwe basically to discourage the discrimination that people living with albinism face day in and out.

In a 3-day boot camp, the contestants went through several training programs and were given tasks prior to the finale on May 24 which added up to their marks and saw the new queen and king come out as winners.

Speaking to the press, the 18-year-old Miss Albinism Ayanda Sibanda who won her second crown this year (she was crowned the second princess of Miss Teen Zimbabwe in April) said she had lost several other pageants due to her skin condition confessing that she has been called yellow or white all her life but identifies as a proud black young woman.

Thrilled about the reception the pageant has received this year, the organiser of the event, Ms Mudzimu stated that the event has been a challenge proving difficult to pull off due to lack of sponsorship and interest of potential investors and even the media.

She added that she hoped this year’s event would tickle their interest and push them to invest as much as they invest in the ‘so-called normal pageants’.

Contestants are seen during rehearsals for the Miss Albinism Zimbabwe 2019 at an event in Harare, Friday, May 24, 2019. About 70,000 of Zimbabwe’s est

A line of women with albinism wear purple shirts and jeans as they pose for the camera with their hands on their hips. 

Two albinism pageant contestants hold hands and dance in the middle of a stage as others watch on and clap. 

As winners, Miss Albinism gets to travel to Botswana to attend a confidence-building and women’s workshop while Mr Albinism will travel to South Africa for a grooming session. The winners also walked away with cash prizes and new phones.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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