Mikel Obi: Success Story of the Nigerian Team Captain

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Mikel was born in Jos, Nigeria. How old is Mikel Obi? His date of birth is 22nd of April, 1987. That’s why Mikel Obi age is 31. Mikel Obi father is Michael Obi, while Mikel Obi mother is Irosu Obi.
Obi began playing football when he was fifteen. Mikel took part in FIFA under seventeen world championship in Finland. He brilliantly played in the youth world championship FIFA. At that time the Nigerian team defeated other teams and reached the final, where it lost to Argentina team with a score of 2:1.
While preparing for the FIFA championship, the Nigerian Football Association incorrectly wrote the name of the football player. He turned from Michael to Mikel. Michael had to play in Finland as Mikel. He liked his new name and decided to keep it. On July 31, 2006, the football player admitted that he liked the name “Mikel John Obi” more.
In summer 2005, Mikel played for Nigerian national team in the Youth Championship holding in the Netherlands. He was just superb. Although his team could not win the final game, specifically his play was rated highly enough. Mikel was awarded the Silver Ball. According to the voting results he was recognized as the second best player of the whole tournament.
On January 24, 2009, Mikel was arrested for drunk driving just hours before the match against Ipswich Town. Due to a temporary suspension, Obi could not participate in this matc

Manchester United versus Chelsea
On April 29th, 2005, a few days before his 18th birthday, representatives of the English Premier League team Manchester United said they had a deal with Lyn Oslo and get a right on Mikel. It was also alleged that Obi personally participated in negotiations and even signed a contract.
The club chose not to contact the player’s agents and started negotiations directly. Later Lyn Oslo contacted Mikel’s agents saying that their services were no longer needed. According to rumors, the deal was concluded for 4 million pounds. Mikel Obi had to change the port of registry in January 2006.
Soon, however, Chelsea – Manchester rivals said that they had already agreed with Mikel and his agents. Lyn Oslo categorically denied that fact. But from the following news, it became clear that Chelsea was the reason for the player’s move to Europe. Later media learned that in one of his matches, Mikel impressed Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.
Mikel expressed his joy because of transition to Manchester United in a hastily organized conference. At that time he was captured holding a T-shirt with the symbols of the team and number ’21’. Soon the contract was signed.

Nevertheless, on May 11, 2005, the midfielder missed one of the matches, on which he was expected. Immediately in media, there were rumors actively warmed up by Manchester United representatives that Mikel was kidnapped, probably by Chelsea.
Soon, however, it became known that Mikel came to London with his agent John Shittu. MU Manager Alex Ferguson tried to arrange a meeting with him but did not succeed. Nine days after his disappearance, Obi said on the channel ‘Sky Sports News’ that he was forced to sign a contract with Manchester. The pressure was exerted by the joint forces of MU and Lyn Oslo. According to the player, Mikel asked a week for reflection but was refused. The contract was signed without one of his consultants. Of course, such actions on the part of MU were a clear violation of all FIFA standards.
At last, Obi said that he always dreamed of joining Chelsea. Manchester United tried to file a complaint with FIFA against their competitors and Mikel’s agent John Shittu. FIFA considered the complaint but found it untenable. The evidence of the charges was not filed.
After the tournament, Mikel didn’t return to Lyn Oslo. It was the reason for another complaint. On August 12, 2005, the FIFA decided that the football player should return. And only after settling the deals under the current contracts he was allowed to continue playing at Chelsea. At that time Chelsea was involved in the dispute.
At last, on June 2, 2006, the agreement was reached. Mikel was transferred from Lyn to Chelsea, and MU terminated the contract with the player. In return, Manchester United received 12 million pounds and the Norwegian team 4 million. When payments were successfully held, Chelsea finally got the right to use the new midfielder.

Mikel made his debut in the new team on September 12, 2006, in the Champions League match against Levski Sofia. In that match, he ran a successful attack penetrating through the enemy’s defense. In further matches of the season, Mikel was also successful.
He demonstrated high physical strength, excellent control of the ball and masterful talent for the pass running. He kept in shape while the next seasons. Obi effectiveness got considerable respect from the fans of the team and his colleagues in Chelsea.
Mikel won Carabao Cup (2007, 2015), Champions League UEFA (2012), Europe League UEFA (2013).
Mikel Obi played in Chelsea until 2017. On January 6, 2017, Obi signed a contract with Tianjin Teda. Mikel’s salary in China is 140 thousand pounds a week.

Mikel Obi’s career in Super Eagles
A difficult path he took in the Nigerian National team. He began to play for the national team in 2005. In 2013, as part of the Nigerian national team to the African Nations Cup.
At the last World Cup in Russia in 2018, Mikel Obi was captain Nigerian Super Eagles.

• As the rumors say, the midfielder has an extremely uncomfortable character (apparently). This feature does not allow him to play in the national team comfortably. Mikel conflicted with Berti Vogts and Samson Siasia. It seems that only now he has got along with the head coach Gernot Rhor.
• Mikel Obi wife (or still a girlfriend?) is Olga Dyachenko. She is a daughter of a Russian billionaire. The couple met in London when John Mikel Obi played in Chelsea. Mikel and Olga have two twin daughters Ava and Mia. Rumors say that the midfielder has two more children from different women.
Undoubtedly, John Mikel Obi is a star not only of Nigerian but also world football. So we wish Mikel further success and prestigious football cups and

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