Nigeria-Born Teenager Breaks 125-year Academic History, Sets New Record

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Nigeria-Born Teenager

“Don’t be discouraged when someone speaks odd words against you. Simply allow what they say to fuel your fire”. Those were the words of the latest celebrity who left his fatherland to dominate a foreign land. He accomplished this feat in the midst of hatred and mockery. Tobechukwu Philips Nigeria-Born Teenager proved that she could use those words to fuel her energy. Every now and then, records are meant to be set and broken. It’s a curse when it becomes unbreakable. Since its establishment, the school has never had a student who had straight As all through the session.

The good news is, a Nigeria-born teenager has broken the 125-year academic course of the history of her high school in Texas, US.

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Tobechukwu Philips is a student of Alvin High School who boasted a 6.9 GPA, after earning A’s throughout her sojourn in the school. She also set a new record, emerging as the first Black valedictorian in the school’s history.

Alvin High School was established in 1894. Not until 1965, African Americans were not allowed to apply to the school.

Speaking on the result, Philips said, “Maintaining the highest GPA in my class is a complicated task. It truly takes time management but more importantly acknowledging what you do it for. I know I’m no longer just representing myself”.

While urging other students of the same blood, she said, “My biggest advice to other scholars of the same color is to truly adopt the orientation of Rosa Parks ‘No’. Don’t conform to the stereotypes that have held us under thumbs for a very long time”.

“Don’t be discouraged when someone speaks odd words against you. Simply use what they say to fuel your fire. But more importantly, do not remain tight-lipped. Be bold to stand up for what you believe in and take it upon yourself to be the change you have always wanted. Say ‘No’ to the ways of the odd world and stick out”, she added.

It’s evident in her advice that the As she had did not come cheap. She had to regard some odd words as a compliment. This enabled her to focus on her primary mission.

Later in the year, Philips will attend the Nursing School at the University of Texas on a Scholarship. She plans to own a clinic as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

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