Nigerian-Canadian artist Josef Adamu: bridging the gap between the two cultures with ‘Jump Ball’

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The bandwagon of Africans in the Diaspora keen to change the narrative by bridging the gap between the two cultures has been boosted by the innovative prowess of Toronto-based Nigerian-Canadian creative artist, Josef Adamu. 

The entrepreneur, through his latest project called “Jump Ball” seeks to create a link between African culture and sports, specifically, basketball.

Clothed in several colourful African outfits on basketball courts, models posed with basketballs and were photographed by O’shane Howard. They represented Africa’s diversity brought together by basketball.

“Jump Ball” aims to highlight the blend between basketball and cultures across the African Diaspora.

“Been working on this for months. Project means everything to me especially as a member of the diaspora. ‘Jump Ball’ will continue to grow as a project for the people,” Adamu shared on Twitter.

Josep Adamu is a Nigerian-Canadian director, producer and photographer pushing the boundaries of visual story-telling. He is the founder of the creative platform, Sunday School and has worked with artists including Jazz Cartier and Mike Jenkins whom he has helped develop through visual branding.

His agency focuses on unique storytelling and sheds light on identity, fashion, and culture which has gotten praise from the likes of Lupita Nyong’o.

Adamu has worked on several projects which have gained wide attention. “Jump Ball” showcased cultural pieces from Somalia, Congo, Ethiopia, Senegal and Ghana.

Have a look at the photos below shot by O’shane Howard and published on Sunday School.

Africh Royale

Africh Royale

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