“Passion Helps me Scale through Any Form of Challenge”- Ed Izycs 

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Ed Izycs 

Ed Izycs is a Talented jazz artist, music director and producer amongst others. He is also an internet sensation, a fast rising guitar player with over 14 thousand followers on Instagram who is fast becoming a super star.
In a talking session with the press, the uprising crooner bared his mind on the journey so far, aspirations and sundry issues.

A brief introduction of yourself

My name is Edwin Isaac Utere,  26 years old, a jazz musician. I play a couple of instruments with mastery in the piano and flute. I am also a Cinematographer and visual Graphics artist. l studied Mass Communication at the Rivers State Polytechnic.

Have you ever had a white collar job?
No, but I think it’ll be an interesting experience. If I should do, I would want to be a Pro Computer Coder where I’ll be able to write codes to solve specific tasks. I like nerdy things.

What events led you to become a Jazz artist and a music video director?
I’ve always been a lover of sounds, so I decided to learn to play an instrument after my secondary school education; and I started directing because my music is extremely unique and it can be difficult to find a director following my train of thought. I like to interpret my exact thoughts in the visual accompanying my audio, and the best person to interpret my thought is me.

What are your challenges as a Jazz artist?
Getting and playing for the Right crowd. As a “fast rising artiste” support might not be top notch immediately but that’s the process. Passion helps me scale through any form of challenge.

Do you hire to shoot and direct your music videos? 

Yes I compose, produce and direct my videos.

The whole Shebang?

Your role model
I grew up listening to Greek composer “Yanni” and it formed the basis of the ED iZycs’ sounds.

Are you married?
I am single.

What’s your Pastime?
I play basketball, football, and I love playing video games. I’m an ambassador for isabi play, an African games conglomerate.

What are your other skills?
I’m a music producer, and I have produced and worked with a couple. I Produced “Always Pray For You”  by Nosa of Chocolate city, ‘Tonight’ by Rave , ‘That girl Reggaeton Version’  by YQ ft Ice Prince.

A word for aspiring talents looking up to you
“Perfect” practice makes perfect.
Passion plays, Hard work pays.

The iSmile Hashtag, What Does it Mean to You?
I recently released a song with a video entitled “Smile” featuring a guitarist, and the message we were trying to send across was a happy  means to create a satisfying completeness to oneself, thereby making you smile irrespective of the issues surrounding us today. The video did justice to that. So I wanted people to also get involved in sharing their smiles, so I decided to create the #iSmile hashtag and get people into it  and eventually promote the song also.

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